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Trump Already Fading into Irrelevance

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org This will be a nonpartisan commentary about U.S. politics, as viewed by an American historian who is disgusted with the profoundly corrupt U.S. Government — not merely the political Parties, but the billionaires who … Continue reading

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The Choice For Venezuela Is Stark: Either Print Money and Fail or Establish Sound Money (USD to the Rescue?)

Let’s start our analysis of Venezuela’s economic plight with two exhibits: Exhibit A is a chart of the market (free) exchange rate of the Venezuelan Bolivar and the U.S. dollar (USD), and Exhibit B is a chart of the USD. … Continue reading

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More Young Adults Are Living With Their Parents Than At Any Time Since the Great Depression

Worst Economy Since Depression Pew reports: More young adults in the U.S. are living with their parents than at any time since around 1940, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data. Across the European Union’s 28 member … Continue reading

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In another sign of the turbulent times for the renewable energy sector, Spain’s Abengoa has declared bankruptcy. The bankruptcy is notable for several reasons. First, it suggests how difficult the transition from conventional energy firms to solvent and stable renewable … Continue reading

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Desperate Putin Not Giving Up On Asia Just Yet

As Russia reels from low oil prices and western sanctions, it continues to try to pivot to the east. Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to China last week to meet with President Xi Jingping and attend China’s military parade. Naturally, … Continue reading

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