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The Disaster of Inflation–For the Bottom 95%

Central banks are obsessed with boosting inflation, but the “why inflation is good” arguments make no sense for households being ravaged by inflation. The basic argument is that inflation makes it easier for debtors to service their debts. But this … Continue reading

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No Wonder We’re Poorer: Wages’ Share of GDP Has Fallen for 46 Years

The majority of American households feel poorer because they are poorer. Real (i.e. adjusted for inflation) median household income has declined for decades, and income gains are concentrated in the top 5%: Even more devastating, wages’ share of GDP has … Continue reading

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Oxfam Finds: Global Poverty Is Soaring

Eric Zuesse On January 18th, Oxfam issued an analysis of the direction of the world economy, and titled it “An Economy for the 1%.” They found that: During the period 2010-2015, the total wealth of the world’s poorer half went down from … Continue reading

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The “American Dream” is Over–and Voters Know It

Despite a ceaseless propaganda campaign declaring all is well with the U.S. economy, the Status Quo is fragile–and voters know it. Not only do they know the economy–and their financial security–is one crisis away from meltdown, they’re also fed up … Continue reading

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Ragin’ Contagion: When Debtors Go Broke, So Do Mercantilist Exporters

Beneath the endless twists and turns of Greece’s debt crisis lie fundamental asymmetries that doom the euro, the joint currency that has been the centerpiece of European unity since its introduction in 1999. The key imbalance is between export powerhouse … Continue reading

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