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Understanding the Global Recession of 2019

2019 is shaping up to be the year in which all the policies that worked in the past will no longer work. As we all know, the Global Financial Meltdown / recession of 2008-09 was halted by the coordinated policies of … Continue reading

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Should I Buy a House in 2015?

No one can answer that question for anyone else, but it seems prudent to ask the question in the context of an Echo Bubble in valuations that appears to be deflating. Readers often ask me if now is a good … Continue reading

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The Oil-Drenched Black Swan, Part 1

Given the presumed 17% expansion of the global economy since 2009, the tiny increases in production could not possibly flood the world in oil unless demand has cratered. The term Black Swan shows up in all sorts of discussions, but what does … Continue reading

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