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The Catastrophic Costs of Extend-and-Pretend Are About to Crush Europe

Like a star which has expanded and now cannot maintain its grand state, Europe’s extend-and-pretend economy is now poised to experience a supernova implosion. The costs of ill-conceived policies are always paid by someone–usually those with the least political power. … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Follow the Money–Follow the Income

Lies are no substitute for truth and fantasy is no substitute for reality. Follow the money is a good start–but what matters going forward is income, and most especially, net income and disposable income. Debt is important, money/capital flow is … Continue reading

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The Systemic Sources of Geopolitical Turmoil: Instability, Fragmentation, Resource Wars

The proximate trigger of instability is less important than we think. It’s tempting to think that the resolution of various geopolitical crises would restore global stability: tempting, but wrong. Global turmoil may appear to have specific causes–Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, etc.–but the … Continue reading

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