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Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett Exposes Mainstream Media Outlets For Reporting Falsehoods, Misinformation In Their Stories

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post Ever since having utterly destroyed a smug mainstream journalist at a UN Summit over corporate media’s claims that they had sources inside East Aleppo, hospital bombings, and other “atrocities” committed by the Assad government, Eva Bartlett … Continue reading

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Populism in America: “Follow the Money”

One of the most disturbing failures of the mainstream media in this election cycle was its complete lack of historical context for Trump’s brand of populism.If you consumed the mainstream media’s coverage of the campaign and election, you noted their … Continue reading

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Fearmongering Propaganda Is Immensely Profitable–and Distracting

Let’s start by asking: if Trump had lost and his supporters had angrily taken to the streets, destroying private property and threatening police officers while proclaiming “not my president,” would the mainstream media have characterized the rioters differently than it … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Bet the Farm on Hillary–and Lost

The mainstream media bet the farm on Hillary Clinton, confident that their dismissal of every skeptical inquiry as a “conspiracy” would guarantee her victory. It now appears they have lost their bet. Let’s do something radical and be honest for … Continue reading

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What about violence from the Clinton campaign?

By Michael Collins (Creative Commons 4.0) Some rough housing at a Democratic Party convention in Nevada over the weekend shocked party leaders and the mainstream media. The official custodians of propriety demand that Sanders control his followers and denounce their … Continue reading

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