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Why Reshore Manufacturing? It’s the Only Way to Avoid Defective Pirated Parts

There are two basic arguments against bringing manufacturing that was transferred overseas (offshored) back to America (reshoring): 1. It’s too costly 2. The supply chain is now in China/Asia and it’s not possible to source the parts needed to bring … Continue reading

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QE/ZIRP Is Crushing the Global Supply Chain, Product Quality and Profits

We all know the quality of many globally sourced products has nosedived in the past few years. I addressed this in Inflation Hidden in Plain Sight (August 2, 2016): not only is inflation (i.e. getting less quantity for your money … Continue reading

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The Decline of Small Business and the Middle Class

The only way to not just survive but thrive as an entrepreneurial enterprise is to destroy fixed costs and labor overhead. It is not coincidental that the middle class and small business are both in decline. Entrepreneurial enterprise and small business … Continue reading

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