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Pensions Now Depend on Bubbles Never Popping (But All Bubbles Pop)

The nice thing about the “wealth” generated by bubbles is it’s so easy: no need to earn wealth the hard way, by scrimping and saving capital and investing it wisely. Just sit back and let central bank stimulus push assets higher. … Continue reading

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No Jobs for the Young, No Retirement for the Old

You may have seen a variation of this chart of employment in the U.S. by age group. This chart–courtesy of mdbriefing.com— shows the number of those employed (with any kind of job–full-time, part-time, self-employed) as a percentage of the Civilian … Continue reading

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The Coming Era of Pension Poverty

The core problem with pension plans is that the promises were issued without regard for the revenues needed to pay the promises. Lulled by 60 years of global growth since 1945, those in charge of entitlements and publicly funded pensions … Continue reading

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Junk Fees and Debt: The Funding Template for American Cities

As many of us have observed over the past few years, local governments in America are caught in the pincers of rapidly rising pension and healthcare costs and stagnant tax revenues. The only “fixes” that don’t alienate vested interests or … Continue reading

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Looks Like I’ll Be Able to Retire Comfortably at Age 91

My advice is to focus not on retiring comfortably, but on working comfortably. You’ve probably seen articles and adverts discussing how much money you’ll need to “retire comfortably.” The trick of course is the definition of comfortable. The general idea … Continue reading

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