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Nothing Is Guaranteed

The American lifestyle and economy depend on a vast number of implicit guarantees— systemic forms of entitlement that we implicitly feel are our birthright. Chief among these implicit entitlements is the Federal Reserve can always “save the day”: the Fed has the tools … Continue reading

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Will Cash Always Be Trash, Or Will It One Day Be King?

When the phantom wealth evaporates and risk assets go bidless, cash will once again be king, for the simple reason there will be so little of it. Occasionally it’s a good idea to step away from the daily grind to … Continue reading

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What Will End the 34-Year US Treasury Bond Bull Market?

U.S. Treasury bonds (10-year and 30-year) topped out above 15% in late 1981, and have traced a sawtooth pattern down ever since. The 10-year bond now yields 1.92% and the 30-year yields 2.51%. Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates. Correspondent Mark … Continue reading

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We’re Relying on Phantom Wealth to Fund Our Retirement

Phantom wealth cannot possibly fund unprecedented retirement and healthcare promises. The narrative that Social Security, Medicare and pension funds invested in stocks and bonds can fund the retirement of 65 million people is a misleading fantasy. The sad reality is we … Continue reading

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