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What Obama Had Wanted to Be His Chief Achievements: TTIP & TPP

I have done a number of articles about Obama’s aspiration to be the most successful of all global leaders in establishing a global mega-corporate dictatorship by international corporations, and I shall here be posting an article that I wrote on … Continue reading

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If we don’t regulate what we do to the climate, we’ll commit suicide,

Eric Zuesse and kill everyone else, too. The vast majority of planets have no life on them. Climate changes. Right now, ours is changing with accelerating speed, from livable toward unlivable. There is only one scientific theory as to why … Continue reading

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Want to Bring Back Jobs? It’s Impossible Unless We Fix these Four Things

If there is any goal that might attract support from across the political spectrum, it’s creating more fulltime jobs in the U.S. But this laudable goal is dead-on-arrival (DOA) unless we first fix these four things. Why is job growth … Continue reading

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Replace Our Sick Narcotics Policies

Eric Zuesse Existing narcotics policies lock-up addicts, punish them, instead of deal with the problem, which is the explosion of burglaries and robberies that are produced by addicts. Those thefts are resulting actually from the inflated, black-market, price that addicts … Continue reading

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Gallup: Americans Say Gov’t. Must Protect Environment More; Republicans Say ‘No!’

Eric Zuesse A Gallup poll issued on April 13th headlines “Americans Choose the Environment Over Energy Development,” and on April 9th another report from Gallup was titled “About Half in U.S. Say Environmental Protection Falls Short.” The bottom-line from both findings is that “the U.S. government” isn’t doing … Continue reading

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