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Main Street Small Business on the Precipice

As a generality, the average employee (including financial pundits) has no real experience or understanding of what it takes to start and operate a small business in the U.S. Government employees in the agencies that oversee and enforce regulations on small … Continue reading

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Push Them Hard Enough and the Productive Class Will Opt Out of Servitude

One of the most astonishing manifestations of disconnected-from-reality hubris is public authorities’ sublime confidence that employers and entrepreneurs will continue starting and operating enterprises no matter how difficult and costly it becomes to keep the doors open, much less net a … Continue reading

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Is Small Business a Threat to the Status Quo?

Truth is the first victim of the Company Store’s dominance. My view of the Status Quo as a neocolonial, neofeudal arrangement is succinctly captured by correspondent D.C.’s description of state-corporate capitalism: the Company Store. In the plantation model (i.e. any economic … Continue reading

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The Decline of Small Business and the Middle Class

The only way to not just survive but thrive as an entrepreneurial enterprise is to destroy fixed costs and labor overhead. It is not coincidental that the middle class and small business are both in decline. Entrepreneurial enterprise and small business … Continue reading

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