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Revealing the Real Rate of Inflation Would Crash the System

This week, I’ve noted that Consumer Prices Have Soared 160% Since 2001 while under-the-radar declines in value, quantity and quality are forms of Inflation Hidden in Plain Sight. What would happen if the real rate of inflation was revealed? The entire status … Continue reading

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We Need a Complete System Overhaul: 5 Charts That Blow Up the Status Quo

In an auto-mechanic analogy, the Powers That be are assuring us those grinding noises under the hood and the black smoke chugging out of the tailpipe are no big deal and can be fixed with a minor tuneup. They’re wrong; … Continue reading

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The Coming Era of Pension Poverty

The core problem with pension plans is that the promises were issued without regard for the revenues needed to pay the promises. Lulled by 60 years of global growth since 1945, those in charge of entitlements and publicly funded pensions … Continue reading

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Looks Like I’ll Be Able to Retire Comfortably at Age 91

My advice is to focus not on retiring comfortably, but on working comfortably. You’ve probably seen articles and adverts discussing how much money you’ll need to “retire comfortably.” The trick of course is the definition of comfortable. The general idea … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Failing State: Japan’s Budgetary Nightmare

Once the global economy rolls over into contraction, the tide will recede and Japan’s fiscal and monetary bankruptcy will become painfully apparent. What do you get after 25 years of stagnation and Keynesian Cargo Cult monetary stimulus? A failing state, … Continue reading

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