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How States/Empires Collapse in Four Easy Steps

There is a grand, majestic tragedy in the inevitable collapse of once-thriving states and empires: it all seemed so permanent at its peak, so godlike in its power, and then slowly but surely, too many grandiose, unrealistic promises were made to … Continue reading

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Japan, Inc.: Optimized to 1960, Stumbling in the 21st Century

When everything’s going great, nobody questions the nation’s core institutions:they must be doing a great job because everything’s going great. The temptation to extend positive expansion to the moon is ever-present. Take Japan’s “boost phase” of credit, banking and corporate … Continue reading

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Dear Millennials: If You Want to Escape Minimum Wage Debt-Serfdom…

Let’s start with the sobering reality that the Millennial generation faces economic challenges that are unique to this era: sky-high student loan debt, soaring costs for basics such as rent and healthcare, a stagnant neofeudal crony-cartel economy and an intellectually … Continue reading

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Japan: A Future of Stagnation

One of our longtime friends in Japan just sold the family business. The writing was on the wall, and had been for the past decade: fewer customers, with less money, and no end of competition for the shrinking pool of … Continue reading

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Lessons from Japan: Decades of Decay, Unavoidable Collapse

Japan’s fiscal and monetary extremes are in the news again: this time it’s the Bank of Japan’s extraordinarily large ownership of Japanese stocks, a policy intended to boost “investor sentiment” and prop up sagging equity valuations: The Tokyo Whale Is … Continue reading

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