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You Can’t Separate Empire, the State, Financialization and Crony Capitalism: It’s One Indivisible System

Disagreement is part of discourse, and pursuing differing views of the best way forward is the heart of democracy. Disagreement is abundant, democracy is scarce, despite claims to the contrary. If you think you can surgically extract Empire from the … Continue reading

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Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State?

Everyone lauds “creative destruction” when it shreds monopolies and disrupts private enterprise “business as usual.” If thousands lose their middle-class livelihoods– hey, that’s the price of progress. Improvements in productivity and efficiency can’t be stopped, and those employed making buggy … Continue reading

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Failed Discipline, Failed Reforms and Grexit: Why the Euro Failed

There is no substitute for the discipline of a market that cannot be manipulated by political elites. It’s not that difficult to understand why the euro is doomed to fail. Given its structure, there is no other possible outcome but … Continue reading

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Why the State Has Failed to Reform Our Broken Financial System

Expecting the state to truly reform the nation’s engines of financialization is like asking the cocaine addict married to the wealthy dealer to divorce the dealer. Most observers think they know why the government (i.e. the state) has failed to … Continue reading

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The Essential Role of Volatility, Stress and Dissent

The individual or system that never experiences dissent, volatility or stress is systemically unhealthy and increasingly prone to sudden “gosh, I didn’t see this coming” collapse. To say that volatility, stress, dissent are not just healthy, but essential for maintaining … Continue reading

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