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Did the U.S. Supreme Court Just Nullify the U.S. Constitution?

On June 26th, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its 5-4 majority decision in the landmark case of “Trump v. Hawaii”, about President Trump’s commonly misnamed ‘Muslim ban’. This decision probably established a new precedent: that national security is an interest … Continue reading

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Senator Orrin Hatch Reverses Himself on Merrick Garland Nomination

Eric Zuesse On March 13th, Republican U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch said of Obama’s process to nominate a replacement for the deceased former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, “This is all about the election. The President told me several times he’s going … Continue reading

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Please Stop Me Before I Vote for a Bought-&-Paid-For Demopublican Again

If we only voted for unbuyable candidates, money would become poison in politics rather than mother’s milk. The solution to money in politics is simple: stop voting for politicos who accept millions of dollars in bribes, ahem, campaign contributions and … Continue reading

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Chief Justice Ducks Judicial Ethics Scandals In Annual Report

Federal courts function with integrity, according to a self-serving annual report on the judiciary that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued over the weekend. His annual report issued on Dec. 31 in the middle of the New Year’s holiday … Continue reading

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Justice Breyer Reviews History, Skirts Allegations Against Clarence Thomas

The Supreme Court fulfills its vital role in preserving democracy by earning public confidence, as Justice Stephen Breyer told a packed hall last week in Washington, DC. But his lecture and book, Making Our Democracy Work, largely glossed over current … Continue reading

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