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Tax Donkeys: Rich Enough to Pay Most of the Taxes, Not Rich Enough to Buy Politicians

Real political representation must be bought, just like everything else in a market economy. Mike Swanson (Wall Street Window) and I were discussing the difference between the 1% who earn $360,000 annually and up and those in the Oligarchy class–the … Continue reading

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How Many Slots Are Open in the Upper Middle Class? Not As Many As You Might Think

Not only are there not that many slots in the upper middle class, the number of open slots is considerably lower. If America is the Land of Opportunity, why are so many parents worried that their princeling/princess might not get … Continue reading

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Can the Top 10% Prop Up the Whole Economy?

Is the top 10% up to the task of borrowing and blowing enough money to prop up a debt and bubble-dependent economy? Since the entire economy depends on consumption for its “growth,” and discretionary consumption is financed with either cash … Continue reading

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Are You an Elitist? Class Warfare and the New Nobility

Class warfare reflects a dysfunctional divide-and-conquer society. One of the easiest ways to put someone on the defensive in America is to accuse him/her of being an elitist. The power of this accusation derives from a complex mix of dynamics. At … Continue reading

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