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U.S. Has Now Retrospectively Joined Fascist Side in WW II

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org At a commemorative celebration in Beijing on Thursday September 3rd, marking the 70th Anniversary of China’s freedom from the aggressor Japan ending World War II in China, the United States conspicuously avoided siding with … Continue reading

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Israel’s New Justice Minister Expressed Hatred Against All Palestinians

Eric Zuesse A few days ago, on May 14th, Ms. Ayelet Shaked (pictured here), who has no training in the law, took office as the new Minister of Justice in Israel, after having been appointed to this high post by … Continue reading

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Which Global Hegemon Is on Shifting Sands?

Given that all the leading candidates for Global Hegemon are hastening down paths of self-destruction, perhaps there will be no global hegemon dominating the 21st century. Which nation with aspirations of global dominance (i.e. hegemony) has these attributes? 1. The … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Retire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a Measure of Prosperity

What if we used wellness (Gross Domestic Happiness) as a metric for prosperity rather than GDP? Distilling an economy’s success in delivering “prosperity” to a single number has outlived its purpose. Zachary Karabell describes the birth of GDP in far less … Continue reading

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Now That the U.S. and China Have Picked the Low-Hanging Fruit, Peak Everything Looms

With no plan to manage an economy in which expanding credit no longer generates growth, the two nations are rapidly reaching Peak Everything. Let’s call the strategy of picking all the low-hanging fruit in an economy Plan A: you know, … Continue reading

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