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Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv – Apostasy and Possible Holy War in E Europe

  **The views expressed don’t necessary reflect those of Washingtonsblog. We don’t condone violence in any form.*** On its surface, the debacle gripping the Orthodox Christian world between the Patriarchate in Constantinople and the Moscow Patriarchate in Russia seems to … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Escalation in Lugansk and Donetsk

The tragic murder of Alexandr Zakharchenko solidified Ukraine’s intent to retake the Donbass region by force. We know the attack on Donetsk Republic leadership was meant to throw the fledgling nation into an emotional and political turmoil and cause a … Continue reading

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MH17 Research is Flawed

by Eric van de Beek for Novini.nl Who brought down MH17? For the Dutch government it is certain that the Russian military is to blame. But according to researcher Max van der Werff there is every reason to doubt. “Based … Continue reading

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How Fancy Bear Destroyed Eliot Higgins Bellingcat Credibility

If you’re just catching up, Fancy Bear was outed this past week and those Ukrainian hackers are going to cause a lot of legal problems for their supporters in the US if journalists remember their job is to protect the public as a 4th … Continue reading

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Why “the Ukrainians” Lie- Prof. A. Moytl Says the West Shouldn’t Freak Out!

In an article published at the New Atlanticist, Political Science Professor Alexander Moytl of Rutgers University wrote the strongest justification a Ukrainian Nationalist scholar can mount in defense of the Ukraine”s love affair with the nationalism of Stepan Bandera. Bandera, a mass murderer, … Continue reading

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