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Is Ukraine setting up a winter offensive in LDNR?

Everything is pointing to Ukraine starting a winter offensive in Donbass and the possible use of a chemical weapon false flag event to kick it off. The Ukraine of 2018 is far different than what Europe was expecting. Instead of … Continue reading

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Ukraine- Cyber Mercenaries Attack Antiwar.com

The terms cyber war and infowar have been a constant in many articles written about the conflict in Ukraine. The problem with the terms is that the concepts are so new that definitions vary from an ignorant “troll” rant to … Continue reading

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Why “the Ukrainians” Lie- Prof. A. Moytl Says the West Shouldn’t Freak Out!

In an article published at the New Atlanticist, Political Science Professor Alexander Moytl of Rutgers University wrote the strongest justification a Ukrainian Nationalist scholar can mount in defense of the Ukraine”s love affair with the nationalism of Stepan Bandera. Bandera, a mass murderer, … Continue reading

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Ukraine- Nazi’s Target American Journalist in Donbass

Preface from Washington’s Blog:  We are not pro-Russian.  We think Putin can be an asshole, and we are appalled by Russia’s crackdown on human rights. We are Americans who are pro-truth. And we follow the truth wherever it leads. Journalists … Continue reading

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Another Ukrainian Expert -No Russian Invasion or Regular Troops- Kiev Possible War Crimes

In an interview with Ukrainian Espesso TV in December, Ukrainian military expert Major Aleksander Taran confirmed what General Muzenko head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had to say on the subject. During a briefing with General Muzenko he announced that “To … Continue reading

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