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What Does It take to Be Upper Middle Class?

What does it take to be upper middle class? According to one analyst, the answer is: at least $100,000 a year for a family of three. The Growing Size and Incomes of the Upper Middle Class (Urban Institute). The paper … Continue reading

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America’s Entitled (and Doomed) Upper Middle Class

Two recent articles describe America’s entitled (and doomed) upper middle class: the top 5% of households with incomes above $206,500 annually and individuals with incomes of $160,000 or higher annually. (source: Historical Income Tables: Households Census.gov)  The first describes how … Continue reading

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Neofeudalism 101: Strip-Mining the Upper Middle Class

This Neofeudal structure is unstable by its very nature. I have often examined the Neofeudalist structure of the U.S. economic hierarchy, and the many social and financial fault lines running through this creaking structure. For example: America’s Nine Classes: The … Continue reading

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How Many Slots Are Open in the Upper Middle Class? Not As Many As You Might Think

Not only are there not that many slots in the upper middle class, the number of open slots is considerably lower. If America is the Land of Opportunity, why are so many parents worried that their princeling/princess might not get … Continue reading

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