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When Collapse Is Cheaper and More Effective Than Reform

We all know why reforms fail: everyone whose share of the power and money is being crimped by reforms fights back with everything they’ve got. Reforms that can’t be stopped by the outright purchase of politicos are watered down in … Continue reading

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Solutions Start with Innovation and Transparency

Innovation is selectively restrained in systems controlled by vested interests. Just as everyone supports “solutions” until the solutions crush their share of the swag, everybody supports innovation and transparency (IT) until IT disrupts their share of the swag. Then they … Continue reading

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Why Artifice Rules the World: We Have No Choice

There’s only one small problem with relying on artifice: we haven’t actually fixed what’s broken in the real world. As I noted yesterday, we now game dysfunctional systems rather than actually repair them. Rather than fix the dysfunctional system of higher education, … Continue reading

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Is Collapse the Only Real “Fix” to Our Healthcare and Legal Systems?

If structural reform is impossible as a result of political capture by vested interests, collapse is the only “fix” left. A few days ago I discussed the overlap of two bankrupt systems: Healthcare (a.k.a. Sickcare) and our legal system–malpractice. Today we … Continue reading

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The Political Poison of Vested Interests

Once vested interests take control, the only possible “solution” left is collapse. I have long identified diminishing returns as a key dynamic in the current unraveling of the Status Quo. Why is this so? We can summarize diminishing returns as dumping more money, capital, energy … Continue reading

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