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By 3-to-1, Americans Want Assange Prosecuted

Eric Zuesse A YouGov poll of 2,455 Americans taken on April 11th found that by a margin of 53% to 17%, or by slightly over 3 to 1, Americans want Julian Assange to be prosecuted. The question was: “Wikileaks founder … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks Release Confirms What “Conspiracy Theorists” Have Known For Years

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post  The recent Wikileaks release is promising to be a much bigger bombshell than anything Edward Snowden ever released. Unlike Snowden, however, the corporate press in the West is not devoting 24/7 coverage with all the bells … Continue reading

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Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart 2 The DNI Report Faked Sources

The only thread that holds the DNI report together at first glance is the false testimony and fake evidence Crowdstrike and Dmitri Alperovitch provided to the FBI and other agencies involved. When you look at the evidence presented and the … Continue reading

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