The Fay Farm Review 2024: Are They Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

The Fay Farm Review

The Fay Farm Review 2024

The need for natural and healthy body care products have made people make use of different products, most that haven’t lived up to their billing.

The discovery of CBD oil took the world by storm and as we speak, more and more people revert to this product to handle chronic conditions that other medications failed to heal.

However, cannabis in its raw form won’t give you much of the benefits that CBD offers, which is the reason that it needs to be processed. One of the companies that make CBD products is The Fay Farm.

Company Overview

The Fay Farm is a brand that deals in natural body products and is based in Whidbey Island, Washington. The company makes hemp-based products for the market.

The company came into being when two individuals decided to move to Washington in order to pursue a healthy lifestyle. They landed on a small island off the coast of Washington, where they set up a farm for their hemp.

The farm supplies them with the ingredients they need for their body care products. They have products that work on dry skin, eczema, itchy skin and more.


Wide Variety of Products


The company specializes in a wide variety of products aimed at better health. These include products for hair care, skin care, facial products, and muscle rubs. The products come in the form of lotions, serums, bar soap, and liquid soaps.

The products come at different prices depending on the formulation and the ingredients. When it comes to choice, make sure you pick the right formulation that gives you the ease of use and effectiveness. For instance, go for muscle rub if you have an issue with your muscles.

Use of Professional Networks

The company claims to use third-party labs as well as other practitioners to evaluate the integrity of their products with the aim of making sure they are safe to use. The products are also easy to use because they mimic some of the products that you use on a daily basis.


The prices are friendly, to say the least. With their products ranging from $6 to $36, making them affordable for most people.

Top Rated CBD Companies

RankCompanyMore Info
1Verma FarmsVisit
2Absolute Nature
4Hemp Bombs
5Charlotte's Web

What Other People Say About the Products

The company has many reviews online, and while many of them are positive, there is a lot that isn’t so good, which the company can work upon though.

First, the company doesn’t talk about CBD on their site at all. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that uses CBD exclusively, then you need to look somewhere else.

Additionally, there is no clear information on where the company sources its hemp. Although it is claimed that it gets them from their farm, this is a fact that the company hasn’t justified.

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Another negative aspect is the lack of Certificates of Analysis on their website. The company doesn’t provide any of these, making it hard to understand what the products contain and what lab tests show.

Overall, they have a nice collection of products that you can use topically.

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