The Millennial Marketers Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

The Millennial Marketers Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

The Millennial Marketers Review 2024

Instagram is a huge deal to marketers especially when it comes to marketing to Millennials.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

This group of people is fast becoming the largest group on earth using the Instagram platform.

Instagram is a social media channel that matches up with the Millennial lifestyle because it’s fast-paced, visual, and engaging. It’s the most likely social media network they go to first, if not the only one.

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach out to this fast-moving, fast-growing demographic on Instagram. Manual engagement in this instance is virtually futile.

However, if you can find an Instagram growth company online that knows how to reach out to them, you can grow and engage with them.

Is It a Scam?

Since Millennials are so drawn to Instagram, companies like The Millennial Marketers (there are very few) strive to help you reach out to this market and create new revenue in the end.

They say they don’t use bots or software because this company is run completely on human resources. That would make them Instagram compliant and safe to use if this is true.

What is The Millennial Marketers?


According to what we found The Millennial Marketers use totally organic methods to grow Instagram accounts. That’s a unique quality nowadays.

They offer benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed Quality – Engaged Followers Relevant to Your Niche
  • More Engagement – No Ghost or Fake Followers Allowed
  • Reliable Growth – Every Day the Team Works to Help You Gain the Growth You Pay For
  • More Leads = More Sales – Business Leads and Buyer Conversions

They offer three packages designed for various budgets.

  • Start-Up Campaign – Organic Growth on a Budget – This plan is designed for the business looking to start growing. It is for personal, business, or any niche-related account. The team will locate and engage with your ideal target audience to drive traffic to your profile. Your Instagram is serviced daily during regular business hours. It’s the most affordable for your marketing needs.
  • Enhanced Plan – What They are Known For – This plan is their growth campaign option, which is when you level up from the Start-Up plan. It’s designed to take you farther, faster. You get the maximum organic growth strategy possible.
  • Master Campaign – Accelerated Growth Speed – Every post you upload will be promoted by their network of reputable Instagrammers to extend your reach and engagement.
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  • Same Day Results
  • Target Audience Research
  • Increase in Leads & Sales
  • International Service
  • High-Priority Support
  • Quality Growth Guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime

They show promise with their organic methods and quality features and services.

Getting Started with The Millennial Marketers

How do you get started? This is simple enough.

  • Select a package and fill out the account submission form with the requested and pertinent information.
  • The team looks over your form and performs research to narrow your results to target your ideal audience to optimize organic Instagram growth.
  • They help drive traffic to your Instagram page through engagement with active users within your niche, which creates organic growth from relevant Instagrammers.
  • Your account will grow naturally and organically every day.

You may want to contact them prior to choosing their services to make sure this is the method of engagement you want for your business. It’s always a good rule of thumb to make contact first and ask questions relevant to you.

Pros and Cons

Just like every other business out there, The Millennial Marketers has its pros and cons.

  • Their pricing and plans are transparent
  • There is a FAQ page
  • They off 24/7 Support
  • An email and form fill contact is present on the site
  • They claim to be tied to high-profile businesses, but that claim cannot be confirmed
  • Their payment gateways are not verified, so it may not be safe to share your payment information

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit


They are clear and straightforward with their plans and pricing.

  • Start Up Campaign – $99/Month
  • Enhanced Campaign – $199/Month
  • Master Campaign – $299/Month


Is Their Service Available All Over the World?

Yes. They can work with people all over the globe.

How Do They Grow My Account?

The team engages only with high-quality users and content manually. No spam allowed.

Are There Hidden Fees or Contracts Not Mentioned on The Website?

No. There are no contracts and no hidden fees with this service.

Is the Millennial Marketers Safe?

Yes. Because they strive to use organic engagement, the remain compliant with Instagram’s ToS and guidelines.


When your goal is to obtain organic growth from followers who are interested in what you offer, this type of outsourcing is preferable. We like this kind of engagement for Instagram.

When you have real and active followers there is the potential to convert them into loyal and happy customers. That’s how you grow your revenue.

It requires follower growth to get people to your website and get them to buy from you. After all, that is the end goal, isn’t it? You must maintain good customer service to develop loyal customers, so keep that in mind when you’re engaging on Instagram.

The one thing that we don’t love so much is that The Millennial Marketers claims to have close ties to companies like Go Daddy and Entrepreneur. We hope they do since they do make the claims, but we cannot confirm that relationship.

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Regardless of what we love and don’t love about this company, the decision to use human engagement for your Instagram is a good plan. The hope is that they aren’t using bots or software and that their human interactions will help grow many Instagrammers to fame.

If you are seeking outsourcing that involves humans that do the research to find your ideal audience and engage with them so they will become active followers, this could be the company for you.

Always do your own research about these companies and ask questions to find out more about them before you spend your marketing budget on outsourcing. It’s well worth your time to do so.

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