The Ultimate Guide for Printing Business Cards


Just like a soldier needs their weapons, so does a brand or a professional need their business cards. 

In the United States, printing of business cards totals to over 27 Million pieces daily. This translates to approximately 10 Billion business cards in just a year.

However, here’s an interesting fact you didn’t know: Of the annual number, 80% will be tossed away by clients or prospective customers within less than a week!

Why are they now useless? Poor printing & design or irrelevance to clients. Do you want to have your cards in the 80% category or present in the remaining 20%?

Well, read through this ultimate guide to make your effort on business cards worth it!

Why Are Business Cards Important?

When a brand or business needs more reach, in a formal and effective manner, they need to create business cards.

These cards represent the brand’s image and convey necessary important information. 

For any prospective client who isn’t aware of your brand, business cards create the first impression. It’s therefore of great concern to be conscious of the type of impression you want to give.

Is it good or bad? To make it easier for clients to understand your business, die cut printing of your cards can create quite an interesting feel and build a great impression.

If it’s on a personal level, business cards are an essential tool to help grow your network and build that personal brand.

This doesn’t only provide insights to careers but also build an opportunity to meet more prospective clients and build an effective network.

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How to Create an Effective Business Card Design

To make that unique impression and influence your prospective client’s next positive move that profits your brand or business, there’s a need for an effective and amazing business card design. 

This is where we at 4OVER4 come into the rescue! Custom die cut printing of business cards is a great option we implement and have clients consider.

In the design of an effective business card, consider the following; 


Include relevant and enough information to capture the interests of the recipients, making your card easily memorable.

Proper Font

Depending on the nature of your brand or business’ audience, make sure you put into use the right font that is easily readable.

Funky fonts are fun in use but you do need prospective clients to have an easy and smooth time reading through your business card at a glance.

The font shouldn’t be too small, distorted or too fancy.

Professional Design

Does your brand have printing capability? If not, then consider a commercial printing service with the smoothest of processes.

Do not risk implementing designs acquired for cheap rates, giving your clients some second hand impression.

What Paper Types and Textures Can Be Used for Business Cards?

You can set your business cards apart by changing how they feel in the hand. Different surfaces can be achieved through choosing different finishes, or even textured paper stocks.

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Triple Layer

You as a business or brand owner can order business cards with a triple layer.

These cards not only increase thickness to 810gsm, but also provide you with an option of selecting a different color for the central layer.

As a result, a stylish pinstripe is produced around the edges.


When you choose a laminated card, you protect the card while creating its surface texture. Tactile velvet soft-touch lamination, high-sheen gloss or are offered by Solopress.

Spot UV

A fine textured finish does not necessarily have to cover the entire surface of a card.

Spot UV business cards allow you as a brand owner to select certain patterns, areas, images, text in a gloss varnish that’s contrasting. 

As a result you get a striking appearance with the gloss areas producing a contrasting texture below the fingers upon touch.


There is no doubt that business cards are a brand’s bridge to success as far as marketing and brand awareness are concerned.

Therefore, having the right printing service take care of your brand’s or business’ cards is a key step and a great factor to take into consideration. 

Die cut printing is a great option for your business cards. Make sure you select the appropriate material & realize your target audience. 

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