Top 10 Movie Streaming Sites


Leisure time is spent differently for different people. But the consensus remains that the best way to spend some time for most people is to watch a movie. Going to the cinema or renting a movie seems like a hassle for many people, and a big waste of money. In such a case, streaming movies online is the nest option because it not only helps you save time but money as well. It also makes everything convenient.

The good thing is that you choose a movie you want, and if it is not good enough, you can change the genre at the click of the mouse. And the good thing is that watching these movies is absolutely FREE.

Let us look at the top movie streaming sites that you can use.

1. Vumoo

This is an intuitive site that gives you the chance to watch movies online without the need to create an account.

The site gives you a clean appearance that comes with more than 60,000 movie titles to choose from. You get to choose single movies, documentaries or TV shows.

You get to choose the movies from dedicated categories listed on dropdown menus. You can narrow down the categories to the country or year of release of the movie.

The content on the site is updated regularly with the latest releases.

2. Movie Watcher

This is an online space that gives you all the movies you want from the convenient of your home. The site gives you a wide range of movies and TV shows that you can download to your local drive or stream.

You get to browse through featured content that shows the latest movies, most popular and movies that are active in theatres. Each movie shows a thumbnail detailing the release date, iMDb rating and the quality.

The search option gives you the ability to filter the movies using release year, name and genre. Each movie also features information on the actors as well as the plot.

3. F Movies

This site allows you to stream movies and series in HD for free. Use the filtering option to narrow down to movies using most viewed, country, year, genres and much more.

The site hosts content across various categories such as Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller, Horror and more.

You don’t need to sign up to the service to stream content on the site.

4. Putlocker

Putlocker has various mirrors, with ach giving you its best in terms of movies. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for anything when you sign up. You can view the movies using the online players that are incorporated into the site or choose to download the movies to your media to watch.

You can browse these movies across different genres such as Comedy, drama, mystery, horror and more. You also get to watch a lot of Asian movies on the site.

The featured category gives you the latest movies as well as most watched.

5. SolarMovie

The site has a huge database of movies across more than 30 genres. You get to choose from these movies depending on what your watching preferences are. The search function also gives you the capability to narrow down your choice so that you don’t have to browse through thousands of movies to get what you want.

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The movies are also labeled well, meaning you get to know the plot and he actors even before you click on a particular choice.

6. PopcornFlix

If you are a fan of documentaries aside from movies and television series, then this site is what you need. The aim of the site is to make sure you get the complete experience for your entertainment.

The movies are organized into categories from which you get to choose the best movie for your needs. Additionally, the movies are constantly updated to make sure you get the latest releases always.

To make it easy for you, the site gives you various filtering options that include actors, movie name, genre and country.

The site doesn’t host any ads, making the user experience clean.


The movie is synonymous with the defunct, but much better. The site focuses mainly on movies and TV shows. The movies are categorized using genres to make it easy for you to choose the right flick.

Along the content features comes a search tab that lets you use further filtration features. You can also save your favorite movies by use of the bookmark function.

The content on the site also have viewer statistics so that you can evaluate and choose a movie depending on how trending it is. Frequent updates to the content make it the best place for latest releases.

8. WatchMoviesFree

If you are in for a simple website that has an intuitive layout, then this is it. You don’t need a lot of learning when you try to use the website, because everything is easy and straightforward.

Each thumbnail comes with a description of the movie and a plot so that you can know what the movie is all about.

The homepage gives you a list of the latest movies, complete with classifications that are based on iMDb reviews and ratings. The site however doesn’t have its own hosting service; their content is served via third-party sites.

9. FilmOnline4U

The site is for those who love Bollywood movies as well as Hollywood movies that have been dubbed in Hindi. Pakistani movies are also available. The site gives you a search utility to help you get the best movie in these genres.

However, the site is ad-supported, a fact that is a bit annoying at times.

10. Sony Crackle

This is a great place to watch movies online because it is run by Sony Pictures. This means they have the capability to host hundreds of full-length movies that you can stream anytime.

The movies look great on whichever resolution you are watching them on, though you have to condone with commercials once in a while. Sony Crackle gives you lots of web based players and a mobile app.


There you have it – a list of the most common movie streaming sites that you can visit to make your weekend great. Take time to choose the right platform depending on convenience and availability of movies.

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