Top 10 Sites to Download Free PC Games


There are various ways to play games, one of which is the PC. With a large screen and different control, playing games on PC is enjoyable. However, not many people know how to get these games to their PCs.

Today we look at the different sites that give you the option of downloading these games to your PC.

Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

1. Acid Play


If you are looking for variety, then this is the best site for you. The games come in different categories, ranging from arcade, action to board games. You can also find puzzle games on the site.

You can use the customized search utility to get the exact game you need. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to browse through thousands of games to get the one you want.

If you are new to the site, you can choose the right game just by looking at the ratings provided by other players. After playing a game, you can rate it.

The games are easy to download to your PC for free.

Platforms: Mac and Windows

2. Ocean of Games


Launched in 2013, this site gives you more than 10 categories of games to choose from, ranging from trainer games to horror games. You can choose to search for a game or go for the latest uploads.

Each game comes with a description which tells you more of the game. The description also contains a direct link to windows.

The site also has an active community that reviews the games so that you know what to expect even before you play the game.  If there is a game that you are waiting for, you can check under the expected releases.

Platforms: Mac and Windows

3. Origin Games


This is an online distribution platform that gives you free PC games for download. The site has a huge database of games that you can choose from. These games are available in both single player and multiplayer modes.

You get to enjoy many social features that include chatting, networking with other users and profile management. You also get to share your games with the community through social media platforms such as Facebook and other gaming networks.

Every now and then you can play premium games for free.

Platforms: Mac and Windows

4. Skidrow & Reloaded


The games on this platform are of high quality and absolutely free. You can choose to browse the games list or check out the various categories for the games. If you downloaded a game a few weeks ago, you can check whether there is a game update in the category. You also get to request a game if it is not available on the site.

Each game thumbnail shows an image of the game, the date posted, release date, and the different links that include torrent and FTP links. You also get to read a description of the game as well as comments left behind by other players.

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Platforms: Mac and Windows

5. AllGamesAtoZ


The site gives you access to full games for free. You get to choose a host of games from different genres including action, racing, adventure and simulation.

Each game gives you multiple links so that you can choose which the best download link is for you. You get to browse thousands of games to pick from, or you can use the custom search utility to get the game you need.

For expert tips and information on games, you can check out the reviews in the forum to make a decision and save a lot of time.

Platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows.

6. Best Old Games


This site specializes in classic DOS games. The games you find on the site are old ones that the original creators don’t support anymore, so you don’t expect to get updates to the games. They are also not available for sale online.

If you are looking for the games from your childhood, this is the right place to go. The games are in hundreds, meaning you have a chance to get the perfect game to relive your childhood memories.

Unfortunately, the games are in the original version and might not be compatible with the latest operating systems. To play them you have to install a DOS emulator.

7. Mega Games


The site not only gives you PC games for free but also offers 3D playstation movies that you can download to your PC absolutely free of charge.

You can use the custom search utility to find and download your favorite game from the ones available on the site. If you don’t know the game you need, you can choose one depending on the rating.

The site also gives you cheat codes to use with the games.

Platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows.



With over 4,000 free games, this site promises to be a haven for all ardent gaming fans. If you don’t get the game you are looking for, you can use the third-party links on the site to get the game you want.

The games on the site are well-categorized to give you an easy time finding the right game for your gaming needs. Each category tells you how many games to expect when you click on it.

Platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows.

9. Home of the Underdogs


This is an abandonware platform that gives you many titles to search from. You get all the classic forgotten games that you used to play years ago. The list is very impressive, with quarterly updates to make sure you don’t run out of games to play.

The service has an active forum where you can talk about the various games and share information on what you know. You also get to enjoy technical information that is provided on emulators that you can use to play these games.

10. Reloaded Abandonia


The games on the site are remakes of classic games that you cannot find anywhere else. Other games are freeware that has been made by the community.

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Each game listing comes with a screenshot of the game and a description. The layout is nice and gives you an easy way to access many games.

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