Top 10 Sites to Download Movies for Absolutely Free


Free movies. Who doesn’t like free entertainment? Remember the times when you had to queue up at the cinema hall just to watch that latest movie? Times have changed, and at the moment you can download a movie and store it on your hard drive to watch later.

The good thing is that these sites are all over the internet. You can download the movies in high definition or choose a resolution that you prefer. Let us look at some of these movie sites in detail.

  1. YouTube

yt_1200-vfl4c3t0k-300x300-8388105Yes, YouTube, that video streaming site, gives you full free length movies to download for free. A few years ago, the site was the last place to go for such movies, but at the moment you can get movies from all genres and countries.

The popularity of YouTube is also attributed to the site’s inclination towards ad supported content, meaning the movie uploader can make money from the movie. If you can’t afford to spend some money on Hulu or Netflix, then YouTube is the perfect bet.

  1. Feature Films (The Internet Archives)

The Internet Archive is one of the top sites to get these movies. Apart from movies you can get free music and books. Most of the movies on the site are original releases – for instance you will get the original release of Jungle Book on the site.

A few years ago, the Archive only provided links to the movies, but most people would turn away due to the large sizes of the files. But now you can grab all the movies you need using the torrent links, without spending a dime.

You also get to create a free virtual library card, which you use to access the various forums, upload your own videos and bookmark content that you like.

  1. YTS

This site promises the smallest movie in HD. You get to choose the movie quality – 720p, 1080p and 3D quality. You get to choose the movie you want from the huge list.

At the top panel, you can use the quick search option to choose a movie that you already have in mind. You can refine the searches using the “Browse movies” button.

The site gives you various categories, one which is the popular downloads, which rates the downloads that have been downloaded many times over the past week. The home page features the latest movies on the market.

Each movie comes with a rating as well as description, comments and movie reviews. The site gives you clean torrents to download the movie with.

  1. My Download Tube

This site offers movies, as well as games for you to play when you get bored with the movies. The site uses a slider to give you the trending movies. You can search for movies on the top panel, or choose to filter the available ones using various parameters such as country, year of release and genre.

The site supports torrents with smallest size of movies, helping you save on space when downloading.

The best thing is that you don’t have to create an account or submit payment information on the site.

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The links point direct to movie files, no redirects or third party sites.


The site has in stock a wide range of movies that you can download to your PC to watch later. Hovering your mouse over a movie gives you the year of release, length of the movie, description, genre, cast and country of origin.

You can filter the movies using most popular, rating, year and genre. However, the site is only available in some countries, for other countries you have to create an account before you can watch.


If you want to know which movies are getting released soon, and then head to this site. This is a good way to keep you up to date with upcoming releases.

The site gives you the option to stream the movies or watch them from the site.

Each movie has a rating, genre, cast, awards received, IMDB rating, year of release, duration, writers and directors name. The site also offers TV series that you can binge on.

Clicking on a listing takes you to a separate page that also displays related movies.

  1. WatchMoviesFree

This is a great site for single movies as well as TV series. The home page features the latest movies, but it also gives you the chance to search for movies depending on the genre, country and year. The site also features movies and TV series in their own separate categories.

The site also offers a side panel that gives you the popular movies as per the day or as per the week. You also get to read popular movie news from around the world.

  1. Ipagal

For those viewers that love movies that have been dubbed in Hindi, then this should be your destination. The site makes use of Google custom search to give you results from the site. The site gives you Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, DVD Rip movies and Hollywood movies in English as well.

However, the site design is very basic, and plain.

  1. House Movies

This site gives a clean and uncluttered interface that allows you to get what you need fast. The site offers movies that have been submitted by other users. Most of the movies are from open sources. The site gives a FAQ page to help you know how to use the service well.

Apart from finding and watching high quality movies, the site hosts articles related to movies.

  1. Xmovies8

This site offers a wide range of single movies and TV series for your pleasure. The site allows you to find the perfect flick in different categories including genre, country, single movies, TV series, Top iMDb and most watched. You can even schedule to watch a movie later on the site!

You can watch high quality movies for free without the need to sign up or provide credit card information, and you get to choose from all manner of categories.

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