Top 10 WhatsApp Alternatives that Respect Your Privacy

WhatsApp Alternatives that Respect Your Privacy

Many people are finding that Whatsapp isn’t the best platform to communicate with other people. In many cases, it’s because they can’t use the platform for work or they are worried about their privacy (it’s owned by Facebook after all) – and they get forced to look somewhere else to get the right chat application.

While Whatsapp allows you to send and receive different messages across several operating systems, it comes with a host of drawbacks that might not be good for you.

WhatsApp Alternatives that Respect Your Privacy

Let us look at the top alternatives to WhatsApp that you can go for and the features they provide.

1. Signal

Signal comes from the founder of WhatsApp (who quit WhatsApp after facebook acquired it) – it is a free app, has strong encryption, and is available for all mobile platforms. You can also use the app on your computer. The app is simple to use and offers text, voice and video calling.

Every message you send on the app is encrypted, which means only the sender and the receiver get to read the messages. Hackers cannot intercept your messages, making it perfect for work-related communication. The encryption that is used on signal is open source, meaning that experts get to test it and find any bugs.

The app lets you set disappearing messages, which means the messages get deleted from the server after the time elapses. This guarantees privacy since someone won’t be able to read your messages when you leave the phone behind.

2. Telegram

This is one of the most popular alternatives to Whatsapp. The app currently has more than 200 million active users. The app is cloud-based, and works on various operating systems. The double tick system alerts you when someone receives your message.

The app uses end-to-end encryption, meaning no one can listen to your calls. To secure your messages, you need to turn on the encryption manually.

You get to set auto delete for your messages after a certain duration.

3. Guild

This ad-free multi-purpose mobile messaging platform comes with user privacy and control over your messaging. None of the information you post gets to be shared without your permission.

The aim of the app is to support group messaging for professionals. You can use the tool within the organization to communicate between tools. It is vital to help professionals to connect to their peers.

4. Viber

This app functions in the same way as Whatsapp, it integrates with your existing phone contacts. You can send messages as well as make video calls.

To set up an account, you have to get an access code sent via text message. Once you download the app, it searches in your contacts for users that are already using the app and syncs with them.

The app currently has more than 300 million users on daily basis.

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5. Skype

This app started in the early 2000’s as a video chat application software and it became popular among those people that wish to video chat. The app gives you the chance to chat and text people free – all you need is an internet connection.

The app receives over 300 million users each day. It is owned by Microsoft, and the company has gone ahead to integrate it with Microsoft office, making it ideal for professionals.

Before you can send a message on Skype, you have to approve a contact, which makes it more private as compared to WhatsApp.

6. Threema

If you are looking for complete privacy in communication, Threema is the best app to use. The contact lists and information regarding groups is stored locally on the phone and not in the app. The messages get deleted the moment they get delivered to your phone so you need to read them fast.

You can connect to your peers using the 8-digit Threema code instead of your phone number, which gives you better privacy. The app gives you end to end privacy for text messages, shared files, voice calls and chats. The status messages are also encrypted so that no one can track what you post on status.

The app comes with a browser version that you can use on your computer. You get to hide some chats and add password protection to them.

7. Wire

Wire gives you end to end encryption for your messages and calls. The app is protected by European data retention laws. You can choose between free accounts for personal use or go for paid business plans that come with additional features and dedicated support.

You can filter audio and share multimedia files easily on the app. The app is available for all the major operating systems, and you can sync up to 8 devices.

The text in messages can be formatted in bold and italics, and you can also create formatted lists in the chats. For added privacy, you can set the messages to disappear after some time.


This app supports voice over IP and video calling, and end-to-end encryption for messages. When you sign up you get a unique ID that you use instead of a phone number. This helps protect your privacy.

The app works on open source software, which means you can use the base software to create your own. You get to interact with the software, which eventually makes it more secure. The app is ideal for developers as opposed to corporate.

The desktop client gives you a clean interface that is easy to use. To make it more convenient, the app comes in 7 languages.

9. Kik Messenger

This Canadian app provides free messaging capability for android and iOS operating systems. You register with your email address. The user interface is clean and simple and you can send messages to individuals or groups. The app doesn’t offer any calling capabilities.

The major advantage of this app is its anonymity. All you need to register is the email address, date of birth and name. You don’t have to submit your phone number.

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10. WeChat

This app receives over 1 billion active users each day, with most of them coming from China. You can use the app to sent text, voice and share content such as files and videos. Companies can ask for tailored services from the company that runs the app.

You can integrate your WeChat account with the email and Facebook so that you can sync your contacts much easily. You can use the app to scan for and find people nearby.

This appears low on the list because it’s a chinese app – however, it has a massive userbase so we had to include it.

Final Thoughts on WhatsApp Alternatives

Use any of these alternatives to enjoy Whatsapp-like features that you love so much.

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