Vaultoro Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Vaultoro Review

Vaultoro Review 2024

Vaultoro is one of the few crypto exchange companies that allows users to trade physical gold with bitcoin.

The exchange service was established in the UK in 2016 by Joshua and Philip Scigala. It features a web-based platform that is easily accessible through the Vaultoro website.

The Platform

You start transacting as soon as your account gets verified. The web-based platform has some basic features such as volume and price charts as well as a section where clients can market their gold, process orders, view trading history and make deposits or withdrawals.

Limitless Transactions

Buyers and sellers are not restricted to the amount of gold to transact. The minimum quantity of gold that can be sold is 0.001 grams. Currently, payment is through bitcoin only. Fees charged on the platform is three-pronged – there is the trading fee, as well as storage and insurance fees. No transfer fee is charged when depositing bitcoins.

Safety of The Gold

The physical gold is normally stored in vaults, in Switzerland in the form of bars. It comes from legitimate smelting companies and is believed to be 99.9 percent pure. The gold is labeled with the client’s name and insured in case of loss or damage. This saves the seller from the hassle related to storing and shipping of the gold.

Security of Funds

On the other hand, the coins are stored in cold multi-signature wallets and encrypted accounts. Since withdrawals require two-factor authentication, it is almost impossible for user accounts to be compromised.

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