About ‘We’ve Made It Easy To Get Back On Instagram’ Email

About ‘We’ve Made It Easy To Get Back On Instagram’ Email

At times, you may have received an email from the social media platform, Instagram, which reads something like ‘[username], we have made it easy to get back on Instagram.

When you open the mail, you will see something like ‘Sorry to hear you are facing issues logging into your Instagram account.

We will provide you with everything you need to recover your account’.

If you are among the people that have received this mail, you do not have to freak out.

This is something that occurs very commonly and many people have ended up receiving this message. In fact, most of these users get this message daily.

Of course, it is understandable that you may get scared and feel as if someone is trying to hack your Instagram account.

Back in the day, Instagram users have been on the receiving end of this particular message that was often accompanied by password reset links.

However, the question remains – what does this message mean? Why is this message sent to users?

In this article, we will look into answering why you receive the ‘we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram’ message on your Instagram account.

Additionally, we will also look into ways that can help secure your Instagram account so that you can avoid such messages.

What Does This Email Mean?

When you receive the ‘we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram’, it is a way for the social media application to notify you about several failed login attempts on your account.

This message is sent each time you (or someone else) try to make use of the Instagram Password Recovery Tool.

Even though this does not mean that your account has been compromised, it could definitely mean that someone has tried hacking your Instagram account.

Or, is the email not genuine? Let us learn more about the ‘we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram’ email that you may see.

Why Do You See This ‘We’ve Made It Easy To Get Back On Instagram’ Message?


Overall, there are only four reasons why you are seeing the ‘we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram’ message. They are:

  1. You are trying to sign in to your own Instagram account.
  2. Someone else is trying to sign in to your Instagram account.
  3. The hacker is using brute force to sign in to your Instagram account.
  4. The message is malicious or is a phishing attack.

Now, let us look into these four points in more details

You Are Trying To Sign Into Your Own Instagram Account

You could receive this message if you are trying to log into your Instagram account and spell the username and/or password wrong.

If you are unable to sign in even after entering the right credentials, you need to check whether your capital keys are on or off.

If the capital keys on your keyboard are on, it means that you have been using capital letters instead of the small ones.

To help with this problem, you can make use of a password manager like LastPass and/or KeyChain.

With the help of a password manager, you will no longer have to manually type in your password each time you are logged out.

This way, you will avoid making mistakes and typing errors.

Someone Else Is Trying To Sign Into Your Instagram Account

Now, this point is quite obvious. If you keep receiving the said message and you are already logged into your account, it is possible that some other person has tried to sign in to your Instagram account.

Of course, it might also be a mistake as someone’s username can be very similar to yours and might have ended up making a mistake or a typo error.

Alternatively, it can also be one of your acquaintances, friends, or family members, like your partner or children.

If none of these people have accessed your Instagram account, a rogue individual may have been trying to do the same.

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In such cases, it is generally advised that you change your password quickly and also activate the 2FA (two-factor authentication) to beef up the security of your Instagram profile.

The Hacker Is Using Brute Force To Sign In To Your Instagram Account

 Another reason why you may be seeing this error too often is that a hacker is using brute force to hack your account.

This type of attack is known as an automated attack and happens when the hacker is simply speculating your password.

They will keep trying to submit various passwords associated with your profile until they reach the right credentials.

In most cases, these attacks are done by computer networks, which is why thousands of Instagram users face this error.

The attacks are conducted when the hacker will purchase a list of passwords from leaked sources, which includes passwords that are commonly used by the users.

Brute attacks take place on your Instagram profile if your login credentials are leaked online from different services and/or sources.

Or else, it could also take place because you have a very popular and nice Instagram profile that someone wants to hack and take control of with a brute attack.

Overall, there are two ways that you can prevent someone from brute attacking your Instagram profile:

  • Enable the 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your Instagram profile
  • Using a unique password that you are not using for other services or applications

The Message Is Malicious Or Is A Phishing Attack

It is possible that the ‘made it easy’ message is a fake one, even though it may look very authentic. In such cases, it is suggested that you tread very carefully.

You receive phishing emails from sites that are operated and managed by hackers. Such sites are often hidden within the platform that is being targeted (Instagram, in this case).

While the email you receive may look very real, it is not. Today, hackers make use of a wide range of sophisticated tools and methods that may make the Instagram message look very believable.

The hacker will make use of the same color, layout, Instagram logo, and template to make it look like an official Instagram email.

Now, let us learn how these hackers often fool users to hack their Instagram accounts.

First, they will send an email that reads ‘We are sorry to hear that you are unable to log into your Instagram account.

We will help you recover your account’. In this email, the hacker will add a link to a website that closely resembles Instagram.

You will unknowingly type in your real password in the fake typing field; the hacker will be able to read the revealed password and will be able to hack into your Instagram account using your password.

Let us look into how you can protect your Instagram account from such attacks:

The first step here is to confirm whether the email has actually been sent by Instagram. You can check the domain name of the email address.

If the email has the domain is something like @mail.instagram.com, it means that you have received the email from Instagram itself.

Secondly, it is suggested that you do not reset your Instagram password. Experts recommend that you need to log into your Instagram account to ensure that you still have access to your profile.

If the email sender does not seem authentic, you can report the email address to [email protected]

However, you may not receive any reply from Instagram for up to a few days. If you face any problem logging into your account, you can send an email to the same address.

Apart from the above, there are many other forms of phishing attacks. Some of them include verified badge offers, account hacking claims, and copyright violation charges.

Hence, it is important that you question these emails and check whether they are genuine or not. Thankfully, there are various ways to verify this information.

How Can You Tell The Authenticity Of An Instagram Email?

Instagram Email

Luckily, Instagram offers a way to check the authenticity of an email and check whether it has actually been sent by the social media app or not.

This is quite a new feature and was released recently; to access this feature, you will first have to head over to the Settings option.

Scroll down and tap on the Security option. Next, head over to the section Emails from Instagram and tap on it.

Here, you will be able to view and read all the emails sent by Instagram legally. These emails will be related to Instagram account security, locations, and/or signup.

Instagram advises its users to never tap on any link that they get from any Instagram email, particularly if they are unable to verify their legitimacy.

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Even if you end up clicking the suspicious link by mistake, the Instagram Help Center will be able to help you secure your account.

Additionally, you can also report these fake Instagram emails to the support email address of the official Instagram platform – [email protected]

Why Does Instagram Send An Email When You Are Trying To Log Into Your Account?

Instagram login

To safeguard your Instagram account, the social networking application has placed several security features to prevent hacking. One of these methods is email notification.

At times, you may have noticed that you have received an email or notification on your mobile device from Instagram regarding an unusual attempt of signing in or ‘suspicious activity’. 

This mostly takes place when you or someone is trying to access your Instagram profile from a new location, device, or browser.

To detect any odd patterns, Instagram monitors your devices, browsers, and IP locations.

This is the reason why you may receive such notification. If you are logging into your Instagram account from a new device, browser, and/or location, you will receive an email.

This feature has been put in place to prevent any unauthorized individual from accessing your Instagram profile.

How Can You Stop These Messages?

Of course, you can be quite irritated if you keep receiving these messages in your email. Two of the best ways to get rid of them are:

Altering Your Email Address

You can stop receiving the messages on your email by simply changing the email address. Additionally, the hacker will have a harder time figuring out your new email address as well.

Activating 2FA

Activating 2FA or two-factor authorization can help you prevent receiving such messages.

There are various authentication applications like Authy or Google Authenticator, which are much better than simply using your phone number.

However, you will still receive other Instagram emails after activating the 2FA.

What Should You Do If You Are Still Receiving These Messages?

There have been cases where the users are receiving these messages after every 15 minutes. While these emails may look to be from the official Instagram correspondence, it would not make sense for the company to keep spamming its users.

As we have discussed previously, these emails are often triggered when someone is trying to hack your Instagram profile by continuously spamming the password to the associated username.

Of course, the above-mentioned methods can help drastically reduce the number of emails. However, what should you do to prevent it altogether?

While Instagram has not provided any official response to this issue, it seems that the company is trying to come up with a solution.

Today, you are required to enter your email address to initiate the password reset process instead of your username, which is public information.

By default, the email addresses are kept private unless the user opts for the opposite. This provides an additional protection layer when it comes to password recovery security.

Changing your login credentials should be the first step you need to take; this will prevent further damage to your Instagram profile.

Additionally, it will also throw the hacker off and he/she may even stop trying to hack your profile and you will be able to ensure that you change the login credentials to ensure that this does not happen again.

However, this step may be a bit harder in the case of Instagram. You need to understand that Instagram emails are sent to your username instead of your email address. Hence, the only way to do so is to change your username altogether.

If you do not mind changing your username, you will finally stop receiving these spam emails.

But therein lies the issue – unless Instagram officially changes its rules where you need more than just the username to activate the password recovery process, there is not a lot of things that you can do to secure your Instagram profile.

Final Thoughts

It is very important that you know and understand all the potential dangers to your Instagram account.

This way, you will be able to make use of the best prevention practices so that you can keep your Instagram account secure and safe.

In this article, we have primarily talked about how you can prevent receiving the ‘we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram’ message on your email inbox.

Additionally, we have also discussed various login notification emails that are likely sent by hackers, not Instagram.

Of course, it is very much possible for all Instagram users to receive such messages. However, there are many ways to verify whether these messages are genuinely sent by Instagram or not.

Additionally, you can also make use of a new or different email address that you can use primarily for your Instagram account as well as other social networking applications.

Receiving this particular email in your inbox is not entirely uncommon. Also, they are not difficult to understand and figure out.

These messages are not shown anywhere else. As users, you have the choice to opt-out of email contact from your Instagram profile.

If you have any queries, you can leave them in the comment section below. We will get back as soon as possible. 

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