What Can Someone Do with Your IP Address?

What Can Someone Do with Your IP Address?

You might still be on the question, ‘what is my IP?’, let alone thinking about what someone can do with it.

However, as more and more of us get online and use the internet to expand our brand or grow ourselves as an influencer, there is more risk of being hacked or stolen from.

While you might think that your server is safe, you’d be amazed at how easy it can be to infiltrate. On this note, let’s talk about what someone can do with your IP address so that you’re aware of the risks out there.

What is an IP Address?


Firstly, let’s address that initial question that you might still be at: What is an IP address? It is a server that is an intermediary between your computer and the internet. It connects your computer to the internet so that you can access the web and be identified as using it.

It makes it easier to respond to connection requests for websites. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address also shows where you’re located in the world.

What Can Someone Do with Your IP Address?

So, now that we know what an IP address actually is, what can someone do with it? Let’s talk about it.

They Can See Your Location


As we talked about above, an IP address reveals the location of the user. This means that someone who easily figure out where you’re located in the world by accessing your IP address. This is a relatively easy thing to do, as all IP addresses are attached to the countries they’re being used in.

Of course, the last thing you want is for this information to fall into the wrong hands, so it’s definitely a concern when you’re online a lot.

They Can Hack Your Device


If someone knows what your IP address is, they can easily use it to connect to your device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet or even a computer. If hackers can force their way into a certain port with your IP address, they will be able to take control of your device and steal your personal information.

Additionally, they’ll be able to go online and pretend to be you. Of course, this is identity theft and can become really serious if taken far enough.

Someone Can Pretend to Be You


As we briefly discussed above, if someone manages to hack your IP address and gain access to your devices, they can easily pretend to be you. They can do this in ways that really put your personal information at risk because they could have access to your social media accounts as well.

They can call up your provider and get your information changed so that you will no longer be able to access what you need to be yourself online. Once they have stolen your identity, they can add it to a database out there and sell it on the dark web.

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They Can Sue You for Copyright Infringement


While this might sound like a bad dream, the reality is that if the right people get access to your information through your IP address, things could go from bad to worse, and you could lose more than just your identity – you could get sued for a lot of money. This is because copyright agencies keep an eye out for who’s torrenting when they’re online.

If they have red-flagged your IP address and figure out where and who you are, they could very well get in contact and threaten you with a lawsuit for torrenting.

Spam You with Advertising That’s Way Too Personalised


If a hacker gets into your IP address and looks through all of your personal information, they might be tempted to sell your identity on the dark web – or they could go in a different direction, and sell what they know about you to marketing agencies and advertisers. This way, they can target you with extremely personalized ads that seem to know your every move.

While some of us might find this useful in a different context, the general feeling is that this is creepy and unwanted.

Keeping Your IP Address Safe


All of the reasons above are why it’s important to use a proxy from https://proxy.coupons/ to hide your IP address when you’re online and browsing the web. As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can be targeted through your IP address, so the most important thing to do is keep it safe. This way, you’ll keep yourself safe, too, while you’re online.

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