What Does “Sent As SMS Via Server” Mean?


What does “sent as SMS via server” mean? Some people think it appears in place of terms like delivered or read when you send messages using an Android device. Others think it seems to specify that a message is sent via a server. So how do you know a message you’ve sent has been delivered when you get such a notification?

The term “sent as SMS via server” signifies the delivery of texts on Android devices. It’s a result of an update on Google’s texting protocol from SMS to RCS in 2020. You can change this SMS delivery notification from the message settings on your android device. Just switch to “show when delivered” to receive “read,” “delivered,” or “sent” notifications.

You’ve probably never bothered with SMS receipt messages until you got the “sent as SMS via server” text. It may look complicated, but it’s just a part of your Android message system. How did it come about?

What is a “Sent as SMS via Server” Notification?

If you’ve ever seen a “sent as SMS via server notification,” you know it happens out of the blue. Most people say they didn’t change settings on their phones to trigger this change in “read or sent receipt” notifications. That’s because it’s an android system notification and not an error message, as you may think.

The “sent as SMS via server” notification started appearing on android phones in 2020. That’s when Google updated its text protocols and started using RCS in place of SMS. RCS or Rich Communication Services became the primary texting protocol on Android devices.


RCS allows users to access features such as picture and video sharing on applications like WhatsApp. Android users now receive “sent as SMS via server” notifications instead of the usual “delivered,” “read,” or “sent.” When you send someone a text using your android phone, you are likely to get this as a delivery message.

How to Stop Seeing the “Sent as SMS via Server” Notification

If “sent as SMS via server” messages disturb you, change your settings to enable “show when delivered” messages. Go to settings, select “more settings,” choose “text messages,” and click on “show when delivered.” Once you do that, you will receive a “delivered” notification whenever your text is received by the other party.

If enabling the “show when delivered” option fails, try using your device in safe mode. It will help you find out if a third-party messaging app is responsible for your problem. If you find one, uninstall it and send texts using your default messaging app to check if “delivered” notifications show up.


Now you have the answer: What does “sent as SMS via server” mean? If you thought the message resulted from someone blocking your number, you can see it’s not the case. It’s simply happening because Google updated its RCS messaging protocol. We’ve given you a few suggestions on how to change this setting; if the problem persists, visit a phone technician.

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