What Does The Button On The Back Of AirPods Do?


What does the button on the back of AirPods do? We’re talking about the small button at the back of your Apple AirPods charger case. You’ve probably asked yourself what it’s for. Well, it’s there to give you seamless integration with Apple devices, Android devices, and Windows PCs.

The white button on the back of your Apple AirPods case is essential for the power-up process. It is also there to help you connect your AirPods to a Bluetooth-enabled PC or Apple and Android device. You can determine whether your AirPods are charged by checking for the light situated in the center of the case.

The New Apple AirPods Charging Case

Usually, AirPods come in a hard case that protects them from damage. But the latest version of AirPods comes in a wireless charging case that you may think looks weird. 

The AirPods case has a white button on the back and a USB-C charging port at the bottom. And it acts as a storage device, charging port, and connection device. This case also holds a charge for your AirPods.

If the status light in your AirPods case turns green, it means the case is completely charged. That means your AirPods are also fully charged too.

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If your AirPods case is fully charged, you’ll be able to use it for 3 to 5 hours. The charge in AirPods will give you up to 5 hours of usage. 

You can extend the charge in your Air pods by using one at a time. Putting them back in the case when they are not in use helps too.

How to Use the Button on the Back of Your AirPods Case

You can use the button at the rear of your AirPods to power them on while they are in the case. Just open the lid of the AirPods case and press the button at the rear.

You can also pair your AirPods with an Apple device, an Android device, or a Windows PC. Pop the case lid open, align it with your Bluetooth-compatible device, and press the white button at the back. Your device will give you instructions on how to connect the AirPods.


That’s how easy it is to power your Apple AirPods, charge, and connect them to Bluetooth devices. You can see how helpful the button on the back of AirPods is and how to use it. 

Remember to charge your AirPods before you try to connect them to any device. Also, ensure that your device is Bluetooth enabled when enabling a connection.

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