What Happens If You Switch SIM Cards in iPhones?


What happens if you switch SIM cards in iPhones? Are you going to lose all your contacts? It’s important to know what to expect to handle the situation correctly. Some phone numbers on your old SIM are essential, and you wouldn’t want to lose them.

When you switch SIM cards from the same carrier, your iPhone will continue working as usual. All you have to do is switch the old SIM with the new one. If you change carriers and your iPhone is locked to the previous network, you must unlock and reset it. Once you’ve reset the iPhone, restart it and start using your new SIM.

But why do we switch SIM cards on our phones in the first place? After all, it’s quite a hassle. Many people prefer not to mess with their iPhones at all.

Why Would You Switch SIM Cards?

Although you may prefer to keep one SIM card for a lifetime, sometimes you are forced to switch SIMs. A good reason for this could be that you want to change your network provider. Most people move from one carrier to another to access better services, such as broader coverage or cheaper charges. Your SIM could also get damaged, and you need a new one to continue accessing phone network services.

You may also travel to a region that your domestic carrier does not cover, such as on a trip abroad. We always prefer to avoid roaming charges when abroad and opt for a local SIM when visiting a country.

What Happens if You Switch SIM Cards in iPhones?

Where you purchase your iPhone will determine how easy it is for you to switch SIM cards. If you bought your iPhone from Apple, you might use any SIM card on it. However, if you purchased it from a network provider, it’s locked to that network. That means you can only use SIMs from that carrier on your iPhone.

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What happens if you switch cards in iPhones from different network providers? You only need to call your carrier and ask them to unlock your phone. Some carriers may tell you their phones are permanently locked to their network. In that case, you may have to use a third party to unlock your iPhone and then switch SIMs.

So, will you lose SIM contacts by switching service providers? Your iPhone stores contacts, photos, documents, and videos on iCloud. Therefore, when you change SIMs, you can download your contacts from the cloud. You may also copy the contacts from your old SIM to your iPhone memory and access them from there.

How to Change SIM Cards in iPhones

Once you deal with the process of unlocking your phone and resetting it, it’s time to change your SIM. Make sure you get a nano-SIM and not a Micro-SIM because iPhone card slots are made for nano SIMs.

Switch off your iPhone and check the right side for a card slot with a tiny pinhole. Using the card slot eject tool that looks like a pin, open the SIM tray and switch SIMs. You can then restart your phone, access your contacts from iCloud or your phone memory, and begin using your new SIM.

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Now you know what happens if you switch SIM cards in iPhones. The next time you decide to move from one network to another, you won’t have a problem switching SIMs. Remember to always back up your information to iCloud to make it easier to change SIMs whenever necessary.

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