What Is An Image Consultant?


This article will discuss what an image consultant is and does. What is image consulting? And, how can you become an image consultant? Confidence is vital in every field, whether it’s marketing or business. Ultimately confidence can help you sell any concept with the proper appearance. 

Image consulting is a professional field that helps clients improve their image and cultivate their personalities by focusing on their outward appearance, behavior, and communication skills and abilities. They assist their clients in improving their self-confidence and self-esteem in social events and their careers. The main objective is to rejuvenate their dressing, personal style, clothes, body language, and basic etiquette. 

Whenever you need help with your image and confidence build-up, you can approach an image consultant to assist you. Image consulting is becoming more and more mainstream, and people are using this service to enhance the image they are projecting and their lifestyles. Image consulting is high in demand in customer-centric business fields like retail, hospitality, and public relations.

Origins of the term Image Consultant

The term originated in the seventies when John T. Molloy published “Dress for Success” in the US in 1975. The book addressed the importance of attire and personal image in achieving personal and professional goals. After this, people became interested in the topic and agreed with Molloy in his assessment. Several firms started offering image consulting services in the late 1980s.

How does an Image Consultant Work?

As discussed earlier, an image consultant provides comprehensive guidance to clients looking for development in their personality. It’s their job to assist clients in improving their social and interactive abilities. The objective is for client to feel more self-assured and portray their ideal image in the best possible manner.

Image consultants meet with clients to determine their goals and develop a strategy to help them achieve them. This profession allows for flexibility. Image consultants also provide targeted solutions in styling, hair, makeup, and grooming. 

Some even deliver seminars and workshops related to this field. If you enjoy enhancing people and affecting their lives positively, then a career in image consulting may be perfect for you. Here are some steps that you can follow to pursue a career in image consulting

Attend Workshops and Earn Certification

Not many colleges and universities offer degree programs in image consultancy, but some do. You can get accreditation from the Association for Image Consultants International (AICI). They offer three certification levels for professional image consultants. 

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  • Certified image consultant
  • Certified image professional
  • Certified image master

Aspiring image consultants can obtain a certificate from the AICI to attain the required foundational knowledge and skills to advance their careers in the field. Many image consultants also benefit from business courses such as business management or entrepreneurship to manage their businesses successfully and build a solid client base. 

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Acquire Specialization

A great way to rejuvenate your skillset is through practical experience—roles regarding image consulting demand high specialization. For example, the role of a sales associate in a clothing store, a beauty consultant, a personal shopper, or a stylist provides first-hand experience advising and working with clients. 

In general, image consultants must concentrate on a specific service that is affiliate with their interests, abilities, and strengths. If someone is excellent at communicating, he must focus on that specific aspect of image consulting. Choosing a specialization can help you define your career path; you can pick fashion, beauty, etiquette, communication, or any aspect of consulting. Target your services to a specific clientele.


Well-established and reputed experts within your field and from various related industries can benefit your career a great deal. Networking is a great way for meeting prospective clients and building a list of leads to target later.

It is an ideal appraoch to finding the right audience and building a portfolio in starting a career. And now, creating a comprehensive portfolio is a crucial step for attracting prospective clients. It would be best to build a physical portfolio to meet new clients and a digital one who cannot meet you in person. 

This portfolio gives your clients a clear sense of services and the results they can expect. So, use high-quality pictures, feedback, and testimonials from previous customers. These days some image consultants also leverage the power of social media to market their services. 

Develop Skills & Partnership

You may or may not have the knowledge to address specific needs. And that is why developing partnerships with a network of professionals to refer clients can give you the best results possible. 


They can also refer their clients to you on the basis of your specific strengths and services. Just remember to partner with people whose work you trust. Image consultants use interpersonal skills to create positive relationships with their clients. Essential skills to develop to become an image consultant may include:

Solid Communication Skills

Communicating clearly and effectively is vital when working with clients, networking, and developing partnerships. Solid communication is essential to determine your client’s goals and develop the image that brings a vision to their life. 

Establishing partnerships and building a network requires frequent communication. It would help if you connected with various people in the industry to create a name for yourself, gain credibility, and grow your business.


While seeking advice about their image and personality, clients are vulnerable. So it’s essential to be welcoming and encourage them throughout the process. For some people, making these changes pose a lot of challenges. You need to be patient and understand them while giving advice. It can help them feel more at ease and accept your suggestions.

Creative Skills

Developing an image strategy requires a certain level of creativity. To accommodate each new client and their variables, you must develop creative solutions tailored to their needs, goals, and preferences. Make a customized plan to address the issues and visualize the desired outcome. Turn the vision into reality. 

Who Hires An Image Consultant?

  • Women and men who want to attain a new look
  • Skilled tradespersons
  • Politicians
  • Corporate executives
  • Job seekers
  • University and college students
  • Business owners
  • Lawyers
  • Real estate agents
  • Front line employees
  • Media personalities
  • Singles who are looking for a partner
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Image consultants offer versatile and flexible support to help individuals get promoted, land a new career, and become more self-confident. At present, image consultants are in great demands clients are rarely disappointed. Everyone now knows-


So, overall image and personality are far more than a personal appearance. Whenever you attend a workshop meeting, apply for a job, or start a new business, make sure to make a great first impression. 

An image consultant can help you make a positive and unforgettable first impression. You can choose from various services designed to enhance your image and fulfill your specific needs in business and life. Or, if you want to make a difference in people’s lives, you can choose a career as an image consultant by following the steps in this article. 

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