What is An NFC Tag Reader On iPhone?


“What is an NFC Tag Reader on iPhone” is a common question for new iPhone users. An iPhone can scan an NFC Tag, enabling data exchange in various forms. Thanks to the iOS 14 that has released this feature, many people benefit from it.

With an NFC Tag Reader on iPhone, you can easily read any NFC tag without opening an app first. Just hold your phone close to the NFC tag, and it will automatically be detected and read. It is perfect for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to make a payment or send and receive information.

What is an NFC Tag Reader on iPhone?

An NFC tag reader is a feature that was released with Apple’s iOS 14 update. Essentially, it allows supported devices the ability to scan and read NFC tags. These are special RFID tags used in proximity marketing and other applications. The tags contain data that an NFC-enabled device can read.

One of the most common uses for NFC tags is to facilitate cardless, contactless payments. Therefore, apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay use the NFC tag reader to scan the tag at checkout, initiating a payment. 

That said, the NFC tag reader feature on iPhone can also allow it to communicate with another device, housing the same feature. This way, information, and data can be exchanged in the blink of an eye from one device to another.

How Does NFC Tag Reader on iPhone Work?

If you’d like to use the NFC tag with your iPhone, you’ll need to ensure that you have the NFC Tag Reader turned on. Open the Settings app > Control Center and tap on “NFC” to do this. Then, flick the switch next to “NFC”. Once you have NFC enabled on your device, you can use it with NFC tags and other NFC-enabled devices.


If you want to use an iPhone NFC tag reader app, you’ll need to find an app that supports NFC reading. Many apps that use NFC tags are available on the App Store. Once you’ve found an NFC-compatible app, open the app and hold your iPhone close to the NFC tag or device. The app will automatically detect the tag and begin reading the data stored. 

With the pertinent app open, your device should provide you with prompts on how to proceed with your data exchange. You can use NFC tags to launch apps, open websites, send information, make payments, etc.


NFC tags are a great way to transfer information and launch actions on your iPhone. And NFC tag readers allow you to read those NFC tags easily. All iPhone models from iPhone 7 upward are NFC-enabled. 

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