What Is Focus Status On iPhone?


If you’re wondering what Focus Status is on your iPhone, this article will be helpful. iOS 15 is packed with several useful features. One of these is Focus.

Focus is a way to tune into essential tasks without getting distracted. You can set up different modes on your iPhone based on an activity and silence specific notifications. For instance, you can set up a study mode where your message and email notifications are muted. Anyone who sends you a text will see a Focus Status message in the Messages app.

Focus status is convenient for you and anyone who sends you a message while you’re busy. In this article, we’ll walk you through Focus Status. We’ll also show you how to use it on your iPhone.

What Is Focus Status on iPhone?

Focus Status is a sub-feature of Focus, a mode iPhone users can enable while engaged in an essential task. If you enable Focus on your iPhone, and the specific activity silences message notifications, Focus Status will come into play.

Anyone who sends you a text will receive a message that you have notifications silenced. They won’t be able to chat with you until you’re available. However, they can easily override Focus to reach you if it’s urgent.

Focus Status functions like an away status message in a desktop chat or messaging app. It encourages clarity and proper communication.


How to Set Up Focus Status on Your iPhone

Your device must be running iOS 15 to enable Focus Status. If it isn’t, update your device. That way, you’ll have access to Focus and its extra features. Follow these steps to enable Focus Status on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings, then select Focus
  2. Choose the Focus you want to edit
  3. Tap Focus Status

Focus will now automatically send a message to anyone who contacts you while your notifications are silenced. Recipients won’t see what Focus mode you’re in. This is because iPhone apps can’t determine what Focus mode is currently active. Also, Focus Status will only appear to others with an iPhone running iOS 15.


Focus Status is a valuable feature for iPhone users. Using Focus, users can choose which apps to receive notifications from while working on essential tasks. Anyone who sends you a message will be notified that you’ve silenced notifications.

Depending on the urgency, your contacts can send you a message later or choose to notify you immediately. Note that the Focus feature is relatively new. Therefore, many third-party apps won’t be compatible with it.

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