Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram?

Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram?

You may have already heard through the Instagram grapevine that the social media giant now has over one billion active monthly users. This is a lot of people, and some of these accounts have a lot of followers. Out of them all, who has the most people following them?

In this article, we’re going to look at the top eleven most followed Instagram accounts. Now, why would we cover an uneven number like eleven? Because the official stats say that there are only eleven accounts who have over 100 million followers. Because we don’t want to leave anyone off the list, we’ve added one more to what is usually a top ten list.

Let’s not put it off any longer – here are the people with the most followers on Instagram.

1. Justin Bieber

He may be coming in last on the list, but this certainly doesn’t mean his follow count is small. Coming in at an impressive 102 million followers is Justin Bieber.

The Canadian superstar has come a long way since first being discovered on YouTube in 2008 covering songs. While he may have once just been a cute kid with a bowl cut that teen girls crushed on, he is now the proud owner of one of the most popular Instagram accounts.
We love Justin Bieber’s meaningful captions and pictures with fellow celebrities. If you’re not already following him, get onto Instagram and click the follow button to keep up with one of pop’s biggest celebrities.

2. Neymar Jr.

This footballer may have ‘junior’ in his name, but there’s nothing junior about his Instagram following. Beating Bieber just by a few hundred thousand to take out the top ten spot, this footballer is best known for his excellent goal scoring abilities, as well as his time with French, Brazilian, and Spanish football clubs.

Neymar has been named one of the most promotable athletes, and we’re pretty sure his Instagram following has helped with this title.
From snaps with the likes of Drake and Steph Curry to seeing him celebrate the goals he scores, it’s easy to see why Neymar is so popular on Instagram.

3. Taylor Swift

Despite not following a single account, Taylor Swift has one of the most popular accounts on Instagram, clocking up 112 million followers.

Best known for telling intimate stories about her personal life, you can find glamorous posts of Taylor on her Instagram, as well as snaps of her cats. After she released her album Reputation, she gained over 100 million followers.

Taylor Swift is also known for retaining control of her public image through her social media accounts and loves every opportunity she gets to connect with her fans, or ‘swifties’ as she refers to them as.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is predicted to become the youngest self-made billionaire – ever. When this happens, Kylie will have her army of 115 million Instagram followers to partially thank.

Since getting pregnant Kylie has reduced her social media presence a bit, however, she is now back on the gram, happily sharing photos of Stormi, her daughter.

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She is officially one of the biggest influencers on Instagram and uses her powerful platform to promote her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics.
However, a lot of her posts are not just about business, but about having fun too. She often gives her fans a look into her daily life with Travis Scott, like when he surprised her with a car for her birthday.

5. Dwayne Johnson

If you’re one Instagram to find the best motivational captions and sweaty workout pics, then you want to check out Dwayne Johnson’s feed. Officially named by People as one of the sexiest men alive, The Rock has one of the biggest Instagram followings, currently at 116 million.
The Rock first started out as a professional wrestler, and has since become one of Hollywood’s biggest actors and was even named the world’s highest paid actor in 2016.

There have recently been rumors flying around about there being a possible run for the presidency, and we’d be interested to see how The Rock’s online presence changes if he starts getting serious about this.

6. Beyonce

Beyonce is known on Instagram for her often outlandish posts – remember the Mother Mary inspired pregnancy shoot? Beyonce has been around since the early days of Destiny’s Child, and now has one of the most popular Instagram accounts.

From easy-going holiday pics to impressive performance posts, Beyonce’s Instagram is nothing short of perfect.
It’s not hard to see why Beyonce has one of the most followed Instagram accounts currently out there.

7. Kim Kardashian

It’s not hard to believe that Kim Kardashian would have one of the most popular Instagram accounts on there. She’s almost broken the internet, not once but several times now, so it seems only fitting that she would have one of the most followed accounts.

As well as posting current content, she also loves a good throwback and taking us back to the good old days before we knew everything about her.

Kim has mastered the art of the bootie selfie through her Instagram account, and we doubt any of her followers are going to stop liking and commenting on them anytime soon.

8. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has had a personal life full of ups and downs – however, this hasn’t stopped her from posting content for her dedicated fan club that’s 129 million strong.

She even posted a video in memory of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who tragically died of an overdose recently. She discussed in the caption how she and he had talked about substance abuse a lot, and she laments that she is sorry she couldn’t help him with the pain and anguish.

We appreciate Ariana Grande’s candidness, vulnerability, and openness.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

While we’ve already got one footballer on the list, it’s hard to compete with the next one that is arguably the most famous and popular footballer in the entire world. It makes sense, then, that he is the most followed man on Instagram, too.
His 142 million followers certainly don’t have anything to complain about with his regularly shirtless uploads. However, you can find much more on Ronaldo’s Instagram account than abs that defy belief.

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He is also committed to posting about his son, as well as candid shots of him doing what he does best – playing football.
Ronaldo is a proud Instagram influencer and uses his power on social media to promote brands like FIFA.

10. Selena Gomez

Singer-actress Selena Gomez is creaming it when it comes to the number of followers she has on Instagram. Coming in at a cool 143 million, this famous girl has one of the biggest accounts on Instagram, period.

While she’s been known to take a break from the gram from time to time, she always comes back to her adoring fans and lets them know she’s okay with some much-needed content.

Gomez first came into the limelight in her Disney Channel days, however, she decided to take a step back from it in 2017 when she had to get a kidney transplant.

Since she received her kidney from a dear friend, she has been making the most of each and every day.

She likes to mix things up, turning to video sometimes as her preferred medium. She’s all about using her platform to advocate for things that she truly believes in as well, like ending gun violence and human trafficking.

11. Instagram

It seems almost a bit too obvious, but the most popular account on Instagram is: Instagram. With a very impressive 253 million followers, Instagram has over 100 million more followers than Selena Gomez, who comes in second.

We must admit that Instagram kills it with their content, and they use their platform to help users discover even more accounts that they can start following.
Thanks, Instagram – we appreciate it when you spread the love.

Final Thoughts

These accounts are pretty impressive, huh?

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