Why Are My Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone?


Why are my messages sending green to another iPhone? Sometimes when you send a text on your iPhone, you’ll notice it is in green color. Other times sent messages to turn from green to blue or vice versa. So, what’s the reasoning behind these weird colors? Is it something to worry about?

iPhone messages are sent in green and blue depending on the application used to send them. The green ones are sent using the SMS/MMS option, which doesn’t require data. While any texts you send using your iMessage app are sent and received in blue. Your iPhone will use the most convenient option if you activate both applications based on data availability.

What Happens When You Send a Text from Your iPhone?

When sending texts using your iPhone, you may use the SMS/MMS option or the iMessage app or the iMessage app. Texts are sent and received in blue or green color to differentiate the application used to send them. iPhones use the SMS option when using the mobile network, which sends a green text. But the iMessage option requires data or Wi-Fi, and its tests are in blue.

Only iOS device users can send and receive texts via the iMessage application. Android users receive texts from iOS devices through traditional SMS. However, iOS users can send and receive texts using both options. Texts are usually routed via iMessage when there is a reliable internet connection.

Any text sent through iMessenger is rerouted to the SMS side whenever your internet connection is down. Therefore, if you are wondering why your messages are sending green to another iPhone, it’s because you sent them through SMS. The same case may also apply if you send a text from an iPhone to an Android device. You receive these texts in green color because they are sent to you via SMS.


How to Avoid Sending Green Messages to Another iPhone

Many people are disturbed when another iPhone user receives their texts in green. It could be because they are used to sending and receiving texts in blue. That’s because iPhone users mostly use the iMessage application, which always sends texts in blue. If you are such a person, ensure your data connection is reliable when sending and receiving texts through iMessage.

It’s good to send and receive texts through iMessenger because you can back them up on iCloud. If you notice that all your messages are green, your data connection is off, preventing iMessenger from working. You can get back on iMessenger by reconnecting your data connection. If that fails, turn on iMessage from your iPhone settings.


Now you know the answer to why my messages are sending green to another iPhone. Always use the iMessage app to send a text, even if those sent via SMS are still received on iPhone. The iMessage app sends texts in blue, guarantees the recipient gets the texts, and allows you to save messages on iCloud. Therefore, always insist on using your iMessage app when sending SMS to iOS and Android devices.

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