Why Are My Texts Different Colors On Android?


If you launch a conversation thread in the Messages app on your Android, you might notice different colored texts. This can be perplexing for some users if you’re unsure why your smartphone’s text appears in multiple colors. If this is you, you can’t help but ask, “Why are my texts different colors on Android?”

That is because of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) chat feature included in several devices. You’d find this feature in phones from Google, Samsung, and Xiaomi. RCS first came into the scene in 2020 for the Google Messages app, and Samsung quickly followed suit. This feature functions by changing the texts on your Android smartphone to several colors.

Are you still confused? You don’t have to be. Here, you’ll learn more about why texts have different colors on Android. 

What is RCS?

You need to understand Rich Communication Services (RCS) to know why your texts are different colors on Android. Consider the RCS conversation capability as an iPhone version of iMessage. iOS users can use the built-in messaging app to send text messages, documents, images, and videos. 

Similarly, Android users may use the RCS chat functionality to send texts, images, videos, documents, and stickers to other people. You may compare it to WhatsApp, as the RCS chat function requires an internet connection to transfer data between Android users.

As with WhatsApp, you will be able to see whether the recipient of your message has read it or not. The great part about the RCS chat function is that it does not degrade the photo or video quality. However, there is a 100MB limit on image and video storage. 

Why Are My Texts Different Colors on Android?

Now you know about RCS, this brings you to the question – how does RCS make my Android text different?

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RCS chat feature uses the internet to send and receive messages. The messages app displays distinct colors for each chat type to distinguish RCS chats from conventional text messages. For instance, a standard text is a light blue in the Google Messages app, whereas an RCS chat is deep blue. 

When the RCS chat feature is enabled on a Samsung smartphone, the green-colored conversations represent SMS messages. On the other hand, the blue-colored chats represent RCS chat. Therefore, if you send the same contact with an SMS text and an RCS conversation, they’ll receive the message in two colors. 

If you notice that the text in Messages on your Android smartphone has a different color, you should not be alarmed. The RCS chat feature is not yet universally available, so you’re unlikely to notice different colored text on your Android smartphone. Even if you do, you now understand why.


So, if you’re wondering why your texts are different colors on Android, you already have your answer. The basic explanation for this is that many Androids include an RCS chat feature. It uses the internet to communicate with users using text, photographs, videos, and other multimedia. 

The varied colors are used to distinguish between a standard SMS text and an RCS chat for the consumers’ convenience. 

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