Why Won’t My Apple Watch Update?


Is your Apple Watch not updating, and you wonder, “why won’t my Apple Watch update?” Compared to other watches, the Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology. In Apple Watch, regular software updates are necessary for bug fixes and maintenance, as with your iPhone. How can you resolve this issue if the Apple Watch update fails to install? 

You should be able to fix your Apple Watch not updating issue by following these troubleshooting tips. If your Apple Watch is not updating, ensure that the iOS on your iPhone is up-to-date and connected to Wi-Fi. As you update your Apple Watch, keep your iPhone nearby. If that is not the case, you might struggle to update your Apple Watch.

Reasons Why Won’t My Apple Watch Update

It can sometimes seem like Apple Watch updates run slowly and take more time. Or even you may face an Apple Watch not updating issue. Check out what you can do to fix it and speed things up.

  • Test your connection: Downloading the update may not occur or take longer if your internet connection is slow. If any other devices are downloading on your network, stop them.
  • Disable Bluetooth: Consider turning off Bluetooth on your iPhone to facilitate data transfer and an update.
  • Older Version: In particular, Apple Watch updates may not happen or take a long time if your device is outdated. Don’t start the update right before using the watch; give yourself time to wait. 
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What Should I Do If My Apple Watch Update Is Stuck?

Follow the given steps if your Apple Watch update is stuck.

  • Attach the charger to the Apple Watch. You must have a sufficiently charged Apple Watch to install an update. If you’re unsure, plug it in. 
  • Connect your iPhone and Apple Watch to the same Wi-Fi network for the update to complete. 
  • Apple Watch updates may not begin unless you restart your watch. Restarting your Apple Watch mid-update is not advised.
  • You can force the update by restarting the paired iPhone. 
  • Ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone have enough space to accommodate the update. You will need to remove some applications and files if you don’t.
  • Ensure to resync your Apple Watch and iPhone if your Apple Watch still does not receive an update. It may be a more involved process but can sometimes work.


The Apple Watch won’t update if your iPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi and does not have the latest version of iOS. You should fully charge your Apple Watch before updating it. Stay close to your iPhone while you update. 

Also, you may be unable to update your older Apple Watch since it is no longer supported. A Series 3 or higher Apple Watch is necessary to use watchOS 8

The older your Apple Watch is, the less likely it will run the latest operating system. This means you may have to use a version older than the current one. So, be sure to look at the Apple Watch model before updating.

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