Why Won’t My Call Go Through To A Certain Number?


If you’re experiencing problems making calls, you might wonder why my call won’t go through to a certain number. When your call to a specific number does not go through, it might be aggravating.

Sometimes, your call won’t go through to a certain number because the person has blocked you. This is the clearest explanation. On rare occasions, it could be due to network troubles. While other times it could be poor network coverage in general. However, it might be a little difficult to confirm the cause in this instance. 

That said, if this has happened to you, this article can help. We’ll explain why your calls won’t go through to a certain number. Keep reading if you want to know why your call isn’t going through.

Why Won’t My Call Go Through To a Certain Number?

We assume you’ve tried dialing a certain number a few times, but the call isn’t going through. Here are a few explanations for why this might be happening.

1. Your Phone Number Has Been Blocked

This is usually one of the main reasons a call won’t go through to a certain number. The person you’re trying to call may have blocked your phone number. As a result, if you try to call that certain number, the call will not go through.

Make a call using a different number to see if the number you’re trying to call has blocked you. If it can go through, the person has likely blocked you.

2. Network Problems

Another reason your call won’t go through to a certain number is network issues. This may happen only on rare occasions. However, it may explain why your call to a certain number is not going through. 

3. The Person Is Out of Network Coverage

Phone calls to specific numbers may not go through when you are out of network. Especially if the person lives in a distant place with limited network coverage?

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4. The Phone Number Is Not in Service

This explains why your call won’t go through to a certain number. Especially if any of the reasons listed above do not apply. The person may have disconnected the phone line. As a result, it will cease to exist. 

5. Perhaps You Unintentionally Blocked the Person

Although it may appear to be impossible, it occurs sometimes. Perhaps you mistakenly blocked the person you’re attempting to contact. Accidentally, blocking a number prevents that person from calling you. You also cannot contact the person.

Go to settings to check if you didn’t accidentally block the number. Open the call settings and look for the number on the list of blocked numbers. 

If the number is not displayed, then that could mean you didn’t block the number. However, if the number is displayed, unblock it. This way, the calls you make will go through.


You can always contact your network provider if your calls are not answered. They may provide more information about the likely cause. 

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In addition, you can also try troubleshooting your phone. Sometimes it could be a technical issue on your end, so it might help. Depending on the type of phone you own, there are different ways to do so. 

That being said, we hope this article has provided some explanations for why my call won’t go through to a certain number.

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