Why Won’t My Flashlight Work On My iPhone?


If you’re asking yourself, ‘why won’t my flashlight work on my iPhone,’ this article might be helpful. Many iPhone users rely on their flashlight. So if yours doesn’t work, you need to know why.

There are various reasons your flashlight won’t work. If Low Power Mode is enabled on your iPhone, your flashlight may not switch on. Also, if your iPhone is too hot or too cold, you may experience issues with your flashlight. You will first need to fix these issues if you want to use the flashlight on your iPhone device.

When your iPhone flashlight isn’t working, it can be frustrating. Luckily, all you need to do is understand what’s causing the problem and fix it. This article will help you understand and solve this issue quickly.

3 Reasons Your iPhone Flashlight Won’t Work

It’s vital that you fix your iPhone flashlight as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be an inconvenience. Start by understanding the problem, then use the suggested solutions below.

1. Battery Level

You won’t be able to use some of your iPhone’s features while it’s on Low Power Mode. Reason being, it preserves your iPhone’s battery by turning off essential functions. Simply turn it off via the Control Center or your iPhone’s settings. 

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2. iPhone Temperature

An iPhone shouldn’t be left in extremely hot or cold locations. Several things can go wrong with your iPhone when the temperature is above 113 degrees or below -4 degrees. You will experience slow charging, a dim or black display, and a disabled flashlight if it’s too hot or cold.

Let your device warm up or cool down to its ideal temperature. But don’t put it in the freezer or refrigerator to speed up the process.

3. Camera App

The flashlight and the camera app both use the same flashbulb. It’s impossible to use both features simultaneously, so try closing the camera app. 

Why Won’t My Flashlight Work on My iPhone: Conclusion

Several factors can affect the performance of your flashlight. You might not be able to use the flashlight if your iPhone is in battery saver mode. Also, if your iPhone is too cold or warm or the camera app is open, you may have flashlight issues. For your iPhone flashlight to work, you must first fix these issues. 

Suppose your iPhone flashlight doesn’t turn on, but the flashlight icon or button doesn’t disappear. In that case, it can indicate a hardware problem. Contact Apple Support to help you with the issue. You’re eligible for free complimentary support within 90 days of purchasing your device. Afterward, you can have your device repaired for a service fee or deductible if you have AppleCare.

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