Will iMessage Say “Delivered” If I’m Blocked?


You will hear many people asking: Will iMessage say “Delivered” if I’m blocked? This is a common question in several Apple users’ minds. As far as the best instant messaging service providers are concerned, iMessage is a name to reckon with, apart from WhatsApp. Unlike WhatsApp, it does not compress files.

If you wonder if iMessage says delivered if blocked, the simple answer to the question is “No.” If someone blocks your number and you send that person a message, iMessage will never say “Delivered.” This is simply because your messages will fail to go through after being blocked and thus cannot reach the recipient’s device.

What is iMessage?

Those of you using an Apple device will know about iMessage. Apple Inc. has developed this instant messaging service, especially for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Mac PCs. iMessage was started in 2011. Since then, it has become a crucial part of any Apple device or gadget.

iMessage is available on many supported platforms. It is a service that helps you send text messages, videos, documents, and images to others. The application also gives you delivery statuses and read receipts to help you know whether your message has reached the recipient.

Will iMessage Say Delivered If I’m Blocked?

Once your number gets blocked by someone, your messages will fail to go through. As a result, it cannot get delivered. This is not just applicable to iMessage but all other instant messaging apps. Whether you send a message using iMessage, WhatsApp, or any other app, sending a message to someone who has blocked you will only give you “Undelivered” or “Failed to Deliver” messages.

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If you know that somebody has blocked you and you still get a “Delivered” message after sending a message to that person, there would be just one possibility. This is because the said person had unblocked you before sending the message.

There is another possibility for your iMessages not to go through a recipient. Although this may give you the impression that you have been blocked, it is incorrect. It may so happen that the recipient does not have an iMessage service. This will also disable your iMessage from going through.

How to Find Out If You Have Been Blocked?

There are specific ways to help you find out whether or not someone has indeed blocked you. It may also help you find the answer to the question: Will iMessage say “Delivered” if I’m blocked?

First, you can try sending another message to the said recipient. If the second message fails to deliver, you have undoubtedly been blocked.

However, if the first method fails to convince you, there is undoubtedly another way to confirm the fact. You can directly call the person. Suppose your call reaches the person’s voicemail almost immediately after hearing the ring. In that case, it is a definite sign that your number has been blocked.


iMessage is one of the best instant messaging services suitable for all Apple users. However, if your messages cannot go through to a specific number, it may so happen that the person has blocked you. If you confirm if this is indeed the reality or not, you can try calling the person. Your call reaching the voicemail will confirm your doubts.

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