Will My Alarm Go Off On DND?


Will my alarm go off on DND? If you are looking for an answer to that question, you are in the right place. DND, or “Do Not Disturb,” is an essential digital well-being feature. And it would almost be counterproductive if it deactivates your alarm. These two features are supposed to complement each other in the things they help us achieve. 

If you activate the alarm on your phone, it will still ring even if DND is on. DND will unmute notifications and incoming calls but will not deactivate the alarm’s ringtone. This is such a relief because it enables you to enjoy the convenience of the two features that might seem to work for cross-purposes. 

To answer this question comprehensively, let’s talk more about the DND feature and how it works.

What is DND? 

DND simply stands for Do Not Disturb. This feature gives you control over your smartphone. You can choose when to connect and who to connect with. It turns off incoming call alerts, notifications, and messages when activated. 

The Benefits of Using the DND Function

The major benefit of the DND feature is that it enables you to eliminate or limit interruptions. We can use it in different ways as follows. 

Priority Mode: You might want to receive a few important calls when the phone is on DND. The DND settings allow you to select priority numbers that would have access.   

Driving Mode: DND is ideal for connecting your phone via Bluetooth when driving. You can set it manually or automatically to avoid interruptions on the road. 

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Silent Mode: This mutes notifications and calls. If you wish to receive calls and notifications when the phone is unlocked, activate DND when the phone is locked.

Bed Time: When activated, this mode mutes calls and notifications when it’s time. It also notifies you that it’s time to sleep, and the screen automatically dims.   

Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

Your alarm will still be functional on DND. These two features can serve you at the same time with no problem. 

Sometimes you might think that DND is switching off your alarm. But the problem could be with the alarm settings. To ensure that your alarm works correctly, check your Clock app to confirm that you turned the alarm on. The alarm is set on if its button is on the right and highlighted green. Also, ensure that a ringtone is selected, and the volume is okay. 


DND and an alarm are two critical features that are not mutually exclusive. Because they seem to be on opposing ends, we tend to think DND might interfere with the functionality of the alarm. There should be no cause for alarm because these two features work well together. If it makes you feel confident, you can schedule DND to go off just a few minutes before the alarm rings.   

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