Will UPS Print My Label In 2022?


While using UPS as their shipping service, many people ask, “will UPS print my label in 2022.” With today’s shipping companies, customers can now print their labels at home, which provides many new conveniences. But does UPS also help print labels on your behalf?

UPS will do it for those who cannot print their labels themselves. According to UPS, printing labels will be about $5 by 2022 in most areas. You may also be able to have the shipping label and the paperwork brought to you by your courier when your package is picked up if you are unable to visit UPS.

Do UPS Print my Labels in 2022?

In cases where you cannot print your labels, UPS will do it for you. In 2022, UPS will typically charge around $5 to print labels.

Your courier can also bring the shipping label and paperwork to you when your package picks up if you cannot visit UPS. Here’s a look at how UPS labels are printed and what you can do if you don’t want to print your own.

How Much Does it Cost to Print a UPS Label?

On the UPS website, you can generate a free UPS shipping label. However, you are responsible for paying for postage and any other features you may have added to your package, such as delivery signatures.

UPS usually charges a small fee of around $5 if you want them to print shipping labels instead of doing it yourself. If you cannot print labels yourself and would like to avoid paying this fee, you can always use a local library or office supply store’s printer.

Is It Possible for Ups Drivers to Print Labels on Your Behalf?

There are several ways to have UPS print your shipping labels while sitting at home. Your neighborhood UPS driver may not have a printer in their car, but there are ways to have UPS print your label for you. If you’re not going to a UPS location to ship a package, visit the UPS website. 

You can click ‘ship’ on the UPS homepage to enter all of your package’s necessary information like its weight, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going so that you can find which shipping services are available to meet your needs.


Your local UPS driver will come to pick up your package for you quickly and without printing labels once you select a shipping service. Your driver will have all your shipping papers with them when they come to pick up the package.

Before affixing the label to your package and loading it onto the truck, they will verify your package’s weight and dimensions match those on the label.

Is It Possible to Print Tracking Numbers on Ups Labels?

There are two ways to ask this question: is it possible to print only the tracking number on a UPS label, or is it possible to print a UPS label with the tracking number? When it comes to UPS labels that include the tracking number right on the label, you’re in luck.

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A UPS tracking number appears above the larger barcode and under the shipping service selected (e.g., UPS Ground or UPS 3 Day Select) on a package’s label.

Using a UPS tracking number will allow you to reprint the UPS label, although only under certain circumstances.

You can create a free account with a UPS My Choice account to print or reprint UPS shipping labels using a tracking number.

Upon creating or logging in to your UPS My Choice account, you will be able to view all packages associated with your address.

Alternatively, you can use the “Shipment History” feature to reprint the package’s label if the tracking number correlates to the label number of the package you want to print.

The UPS website offers detailed instructions on reprinting a label using the “Shipment History” section of UPS My Choice.


If you cannot or do not want to print your labels at home, UPS offers options for you. For a $5 fee, you can have an employee at your local UPS store print your shipping label for you, or you can have your UPS driver pick up your package with your shipping paperwork.

There is a UPS shipping label generator provided on the UPS website. If you added features to your package, such as delivery signatures, you would be responsible for paying for postage.

If you have created or are logged into UPS My Choice, you can use your tracking number to reprint or print UPS labels. Adding your tracking number to our account will allow you to match it to the “track a shipment” page or include it in the “shipment history” page.

It is essential to send your shipment before the ship-by date; otherwise, it won’t arrive within the delivery window. If this date has passed, the package’s shipping label will expire.

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