YouMeViral Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

You Me Viral Review

YouMeViral Review 2024

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay someone to do all that boring, mundane Instagram engagement for you? Back in the day, it was up to you – you had to do everything from following new people to commenting and liking their posts.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

These days, though, there are lots of companies that can help you achieve your Instagram goals, freeing up your day to focus on other things. As you can expect, though, not all these companies are worth using, and some should be avoided altogether.

Let’s give one a review.


Companies like YouMeViral are there to bring you an affordable alternative to the traditional Instagram advertising that can end up blowing your budget.

It’s great to have options out there, but because the industry isn’t regulated, there’s always going to be companies who are selling Instagram bots with their services or even worse, fake engagement.

This is why it’s important to do your research so that you can be sure the company you’re working with isn’t trying to take your money and run. Fake engagement is frowned upon on Instagram, and for a good reason too.

What is YouMeViral?

You Me Viral is the type of company that claims it can help to ‘skyrocket’ your Instagram and social media growth in general. However, there are now a few customers online who have tested this company out and claim that the followers they provide are just falling off the map after a few days.

While they do feature quite a few positive reviews on their website, there is the question of whether these are real or not. This is because we have seen cases of reviewers being paid by companies to say positive things, which is another reason for you to do your research before you commit to a company – the last thing you want is to be associated with a company that actually has a bad reputation.

Getting Started with You Me Viral


You Me Viral say that they have a great group of employees that can get you started with viral Instagram engagement as soon as you are ready. They say that they can deliver your service to you almost instantly, or in at the very most within a few hours of completing and paying for your order.

They claim to prioritize both the quality of their service and the satisfaction of their clients and even say that if you’re not happy with their service, they will try and fix this as soon as possible. They also claim to have around the clock support and the lowest prices out there. All of these as you can tell are pretty bold claims, so let’s take a look and see if they are true.

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Pros and Cons

  • They do have a FAQs section on their website – although it is a bit limited
  • They feature a support page where you can fill out a form
  • They use PayPal for payments, which is a verified gateway
  • You Me Viral are upfront and honest about their price points
  • Their website is https secure
  • Their website is pretty new, which means that it’s difficult to know how safe their services really are
  • Users have claimed that their followers drop off after a little while
  • They use Whatsapp to handle support questions, which is not the best way of handling customer queries and complaints

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YouMeViral have some pretty straightforward and simple price plans, and they all depend on the type of engagement that you’re looking for. For each type of engagement, you can pay anywhere between $1 and $25 depending on how much engagement you want. For example, if you want followers, you can pay $1 for 1000 and $25 for 10,000.


What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

This is a common question when looking at a company like this, and should be the question you consider with any company you’re looking at in this industry.

It’s important to find a company that’s offering their services at affordable prices – not cheap. Cheap typically means that the quality of the service is going to be low, while affordable raises the quality a little bit. We consider You Me Viral’s price points to be cheap.

Will My Account Be Shadowbanned?

You can’t get your account shadowbanned by Instagram if you’re using a service like You Me Viral because getting shadowbanned actually has a lot more to do with how you’re using your hashtags.

This means that if you’re using hashtags that have been banned, or you’re using too many hashtags on a post, Instagram can red flag you and ultimately shadowban your profile. This means that your reach will be limited, and your content will only be shown to your existing followers.

Why Fill Out An Email and Phone Form?

It’s important to fill out an email and phone form, even though you may not be enthusiastic about sharing your information.

This is because companies with good reputations like to have their clients’ information on their database, so they can contact them easily if something goes wrong with the service or they need to be updated on a change in the system.

If a company doesn’t include this in their sign up process, then they’re probably not too worried about the welfare of their customers.


We found that YouMeViral came up on a couple of other websites that lookout for scam companies in 2019, which of course isn’t a good sign. We also saw elsewhere online negative reviews from customers where the main complaint is that the engagement doesn’t stick around for too long.

With these thoughts in mind, we think it’s best that you look elsewhere for your Instagram engagement and avoid companies like You Me Viral who appear to be paying people to say positive things about their service. The more natural and organic your engagement is, the less likely you are to be red-flagged by Instagram.

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