10 Best Deep Web Search Engines to Get The Information You Need


When you tell anyone about the term “search engine”, their mind runs directly to Google and Bing. We usually get the results that we want, but have you ever wondered whether you can get better results on the deep web?

The bad thing about using clear net search engines is that your internet usage is monitored. If you don’t want your internet usage to be monitored, it is best to use an anonymous search engine to get the results you want.

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It is a known fact that deep web content is 500 times more in-depth than clear net web content. Such content doesn’t get indexed in clear net search engines, and you won’t get the results you need. This is why you need a search engine that is specific to the deep web. Let us look at the various options you have.

Best Deep Web Search Engines

1. Pipl

To get any information about someone, you can use Pipl. The search engine uses robots that extract facts and other relevant information regarding people from searchable databases all over the world. The tool boasts of 3 billion people that you can search from.

The tool extracts information from directories, personal profiles, court records, publications and other deep web sources.

All you need is the email, name, username or phone number to give you the details you need.

2. Torch

This is one of the most popular search engines to get information you need from all over the dark web. With over a million results for queries, the search engine boasts of having the largest indexing database to give you more results than any other search engine.

The site has been around for the longest time, meaning their results can be trusted.

3. Candle

This is the equivalent of Google of the deep web. The site takes its name because it shines a light into the dark web. The site can index more than 100,000 onion results for each search.

The site uses the same methodology like Google to index the results depending on popularity. It is one of the top sites to use when you need to get results from the deep web without the need to have clear net results in the mix.

4. MyLife

The site gives you details of a person right from age, address, occupation, contact and more. It also gives you pictures and other details about the person including the latest vacation and more.

To make the site more usable, it gives you the ability to rate the individual based on the information the site returns.

The information is sourced from social, government and public sources, meaning most of it is factual. All you need is to input the names and the city or zip to get you the information you want. You expect more than 200 million user profiles with factual data on the engine.

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5. Yippy

The search engine gives you information from other websites that it indexes. The good thing is that the engine doesn’t store information the way Google does, instead, it works independently.

The clean interface makes it easy to use, and the results that are returned give you information regarding the search query.

6. Fazzle

Of late, search engines have expanded their search to include images, documents, audio and video. Fazzle is a search engine that you can access English, German and French. The items you can query include documents, images, video, whitepapers, audio and shopping.

The site allows you to search for data without getting monitored, which makes it a good alternative to deep web searches.

7. DuckDuckGo

The list wouldn’t be complete without this search engine. The best thing about this site is that you can use it without getting monitored like the way Google does. The site has a simple and effective GUI, though the GUO shouldn’t lie to you – you get comprehensive data when you search.

You can customize the results so that you get exactly what you want. After getting the results, you can further enhance the results. The results are gleaned from over 500 sources, including Yahoo, Google and Bing to give you what you want.

8. Not Evil

The site is a not-for-profit engine, which survives entirely on member contributions. Due to its popularity, it has received a lot of support from the members, making it one of the top search engines.

The site doesn’t host ads, and updates its algorithm constantly, which makes it easy to get the necessary content and information. The design of the site is easy to use, and the results are ranked according to relevance, making it an ideal site.

9. Uncensored Hidden Wiki

As you browse the deep web, you will get to places where you need to be very careful. The uncensored hidden wiki is one of the sites that you need to be careful when clicking on the links contained therein. The site contains a collection of uncensored articles and links that have been collected over time.

These links contain sensitive information on activities ranging from child pornography to drugs. Although the site has managed to clean up the site, it still contains links to graphic content.

If you can get past these links, you can discover a rich trove of deep web information that is useful to your activities. The site contains a rich collection of web email services, social networks and articles on how to use Tor.

10. ParaZite

This search web can take you to places in the deep web that you never thought possible. You can access hidden information that is only available on such an engine.

Some of the sites you will come across will change your opinion regarding the deep web. However, make sure you hide behind a firewall and VPN before using the site.


The deep web is an exciting part of the World Wide Web. You can get information that you never knew existed.

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However, you need to use the right procedure so that you can get the best results. Use these search engines to get the best results for your needs.

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