5 Essential Tools To Protect Eyes From Screen Glare


There was a time when most of us used to pray for this much-coveted option of working from home, i.e., before the pandemic disrupted our usual office dynamics.

But now that this work-from-home mode has become mainstream, many people have started complaining about working longer from home and the toll it is taking on their wellbeing.

Health concerns like eye strain and fatigue are now more common than before, now that we have to keep staring at the screen for longer times. 

But thankfully, you can safeguard your eyes from the continuous glare of our computer and mobile phone screens, with the help of some tools. 

Here, let us find out some of the most effective tools that can minimize screen glare and protect your eyes.

A Protective Screen That Filters Blue Light

Screens of our mobile devices and laptops emit a blue light that is known to cause maximum damage to the eyes. We don’t realize the effect immediately but can definitely feel it after a while.

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You can buy a protective screen guard that comes with blue light filters, and fix it on your mobile or tablet screen. These protective screens are multipurpose – not only do they safeguard your eyes, but also protect your mobile screen from physical damage.

Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses

Blue light blocking lenses are now hugely popular all over the world, due to their benefits. Just like polarized sunglasses help cut off the glare when you are out in harsh sunlight, blue light blocking eyeglasses help keep blue light rays at bay.

These computer glasses are ideal for those who have to work extensively looking at the computer screen. No matter if you wear prescription eyeglasses or not, blue light blocking glasses are suitable for everyone.

Our eyes get exposed to blue light waves, which are a component of the entire visible spectrum of the rainbow, while we stare at computer screens for extended periods of time. Prolonged exposure to blue light can damage your eyes and also impact your heart function.

Blue light waves are prevalent on digital screens of devices like smartphones and laptops. Your health will suffer if you are exposed to blue light because it has been related to severe eye strain, which has been shown to hasten blindness.

Computer glasses that block blue light have filters built into their lenses to prevent retinal damage from blue light. As a result, you can safely use a computer for extended periods of time—even in the dark—without worrying about harmful blue light radiation.

Anti-glare Filters For Computer

Anti-glare filters are basically clear panels that you can remove when not in use. You need to fit it over your monitor screen so that it can diffuse the emitted light and thereby reduce the screen glare.

These anti-glare screens are especially suitable if the lighting in your workspace tends to change constantly so that you do not need to squint every time the light lessens or increases.

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According to studies, 59 percent of people who frequently use digital screens have experienced some form of digital eye strain. You may have noticed symptoms of computer vision syndrome if your line of work demands you to spend a lot of time staring at your computer screen.

Matte Or Anti-reflective Screen Guards For Your Mobile Phones

Using a matte screen filter is said to cut down the blue light that emanates from our mobile phones. Besides, it can be a great protective gear for your mobile too. It can help prevent scratches and dust from settling on the screen and keep it clean of fingerprints. So you will not need to frequently clean the phone screen.

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LED Monitor

Switching to a LED monitor can be considered a welcome change considering the well-being of your eyes. LED screens are technologically advanced and designed for prolonged use. They are typically easier on the eyes and cause much less fatigue than the earlier CRT monitors.

Additionally, investing in a monitor mount that is adjustable and has removable brackets will improve your workplace experience. This is because if your monitor is positioned incorrectly, you will have to crane your neck while working, which will result in bad posture, back pain, and neck discomfort.

Final Words

To make your work-from-home experience healthy and pleasant, make sure you protect your eyes with tools such as these mentioned here. Also, do not forget to take short breaks to let your eyes relax.

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