Growth Geeks Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Growth Geeks Review

Growth Geeks Review 2024

You may have noticed that it’s getting more and more difficult to find an automatic growth service for Instagram that’s actually effective. A lot of these types of companies now have a pile of negative reviews online, and those that still uphold a great reputation are really hard to find. Growth Geeks could be one of them, but there’s a good chance that they’re not. Let’s take a look at them and how they work.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

Is It a Scam?

One of the biggest things you need to remember when looking for an Instagram growth company is to check out how they implement their services. There are a lot of companies out there who, unfortunately, sell fake engagement to their customers. This is when they sell engagement and followers who are either inactive or bots. While this may make your account look good, to begin with, it won’t be long before your follower count drops off again, leaving you with a terrible engagement rating. Not all companies are like this, but they’re getting more and more common.

What is Growth Geeks?


Growth Geeks describe themselves as a self-service growth tool that can help you increase your Instagram traffic. They claim to promise to deliver high-quality work to help you with your Instagram goals. What’s really interesting about Growth Geeks is that they’re not just a service – they’re a team of freelance marketers who claim to want to work one on one with you to grow your engagement. We think that Growth Geeks is pretty expensive, with their lowest price beginning at $89 a month and going all the way up to $399. There aren’t a lot of people we know that can afford to spend this much on their Instagram marketing every month.

Getting Started with Growth Geeks

To get started with Growth Geeks, you actually need to do a bit of research. You begin by using the search bar to figure out exactly the type of freelance marketer you’re looking for. Once you’ve done this, you can narrow it down to a specific category through the filters that they provide. Lastly, you can save anyone you like the look of to your favorites so that you can come back to them. It’s certainly an interesting way of doing things, and it’s hard for us not to think that they’re just automating everything.

Pros and Cons

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As we mentioned, while Growth Geeks have quite a wide margin when it comes to their different prices, they’re already starting out quite high, so they’re not going to be accessible to everyone.

If you scroll down their ‘get started’ page, you’ll find a list of featured gigs, which we imagine is where their database of freelance marketers post their services. As we mentioned, there are some that we can see for $89 a month, while others are $249 a month and even $399 a month.

This isn’t the type of service that’s going to suit everyone, especially if you pay all that money just for it to not work.


Do I Need to Share My Password?

We don’t believe that you need to share your Instagram password – but this all depends on the marketer that you choose to work with. If they ask for your password, it means that they are going to grow your account organically.

However, if they say they don’t need it, this is a red flag, and there’s a good chance they’re going to send you fake engagement.

Can They Steal My Password?

Because Growth Geeks is made up of many different freelance marketers, we cannot guarantee the safety of your password because we don’t know all of them personally. Your best bet if you’re worried about it is to change it.

Can They Steal My Account?

Again, this is something that we cannot guarantee either way. Because there are so many different freelancers that make up Growth Geeks, we can’t speak for them all and say that they won’t steal your account.

At the end of the day, that’s the risk you take when you decide to work with someone new.

Will I Be Shadowbanned?

When it comes to being shadowbanned, we’re confident in saying that your chances are next to nothing. This is because being shadowbanned has nothing to do with your engagement and everything to do with the kind of hashtags that you use.

If you’ve been using hashtags that aren’t relevant to your niche, or they’re considered inappropriate by Instagram, then you could be shadowbanned. What this means is that they’ll limit your content scope, only letting people who are already following you see it.

Can They Guarantee The Results?

Because there are so many external factors to consider when working with a company like Growth Geeks, there’s no way that they can guarantee any results.

Again, you’re taking a risk by finding a freelance marketer within their database that could possibly help you with your growth – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your Instagram engagement will grow.

This is just one of the reasons why companies like this aren’t doing so well these days. It’s hard for people to part with their hard-earned money if they can’t be guaranteed some real results.


As you can see, Growth Geeks seem to be all over the place when it comes to their concept and point of difference. We love that they have consolidated many different freelance marketers to connect them to Instagram users, but we don’t think that it’s the best way forward for the majority of people.

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We also think that most of their rates are out of reach for many customers, especially when they cannot guarantee that your Instagram will be better off. We recommend looking elsewhere for your engagement, and even though it’s getting more difficult to find a reputable company, we’re confident that they’re still out there somewhere.

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